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  1. Plenty of Beatles' songs reference drugs, sex, rock and roll. Listen again.
  2. John Bonham and my buddy JR Robinson. I met Carter Beauford. Nice guy.
  3. Nirvana. Overhyped corporate rock. No wonder Kurt offed himself after discovering that his garage band was nothing more than big recording company marketing muscle masquerading as 'good music'.
  4. The outtro theme song variant for Sesame Street has this wicked two or three part discordant mini-break that is quick, clever, amazing.
  5. There are two versions of 'Revolution' by the Beatles. There's the popped up one and there is the the slow one. On the slow one, following the lyric 'Don't you know you can count me out.' John Lennon quitely says 'in'. Cool huh?
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