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Songs that you secretly enjoy

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Three votes for Afternoon Delight!

And this is the only place I will ever admit that I like one (and only one, I promise!) Celine Dion Song--Because You Loved Me

Air Supply-All Out of Love

Bonnie Tyler-Total Eclipse of the Heart

Another Air Supply fan

They'll be playing at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. They played last year here in SD at Humphreys By The Bay

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I'm not really embarrased by anything I listen to, but some people cringe when you mention them!

"Superstar" ~ The Carpenters

"Mirror Mirror" ~ Dollar

"One Night In Bangkok" ~ Murray Head

"Holding Out For A Hero" ~ Bonnie Tyler

"I Drove All Night" ~ Roy Orbison, and also the versions by Cyndi Lauper and then Celine Dion

And...most tracks by Cher...

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And this is the only place I will ever admit that I like one (and only one, I promise!) Celine Dion Song--Because You Loved Me

I'm already prepared to fight about this...I like Celine. She is completely over the top and is quite possibly a little insane, but since she has had her son, I totally relate with the songs she has chosen to sing. After waiting for years to get pregnant (and at times not knowing if I could), I cherish motherhood more than anything else in my life. It seems as though she feels the same way, and it reflects in her songs. She sings a song called "The Greatest Reward" that moves me to tears every time I hear it.

So suddenly, so strange

Life wakes you up, things change

I've done my best, I've served my call

I thought I had it all

So suddenly, so strong

My prejudice was gone

You needed me, I found my place

I'm different now, these days

Now the greatest reward

Is the light in your eyes

The sound of your voice

And the touch of your hand

You made me who I am

You trusted me to grow

I gave my heart to show

There's nothing else I cherish more

I stand by you for sure

Now the greatest reward

Is the love that I can give

I'm here for you now

For as long as I live

You made me who I am

So suddenly, it's clear to me

Things change

Our future lies in here and now

We live it through somehow

Now the greatest reward

Is the love that I can give

I'm here for you now

For as long as I live

You made me who I am

However, I am not excusing her for the damned Titanic song. I'd like to throw her skinny ass against an iceberg every time I hear it.

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And "Past, Present, Future" by the Shangrillas...


and Give Him A Great Big Kiss (mwuhhh), Give Us Your Blessings, I Can Never Go Home Anymore, Remember (Walkin' In The Sand), Leader Of The Pack - of course, He Cried ETC ETC

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I'm sure everyone around here thinks they've got the best taste in music in the world. (You're wrong, I do :P) But I think we all have bands we listen to who are guilty pleasures, bands you would never let your friends know you listened to or music you just KNOW is bad but still like it anyway, or music that you have in your I-Tunes that just doesn't seem like it fits.

My top few are:

80's synth music. I love A-Ha and Tears for Fears, I can't help it.

Fall Out Boy & The All American Rejects. I KNOW it's bad music, and I know it's pop fluff, but I like it, and listen. (BTW, old FOB is stuff I'm not even embarassed to like)

Justin Timberlake. I hate to admit it, but damn it, I do like his music.

The Barenaked Ladies. This isn't really a gulity pleasure I guess, because I LOVE BNL.

Ludacris, Nelly, 50 Cent. I like to listen to terrible rap sometimes (not often) but I do know all the words to quite a few songs by those guys. (Which is not to say I don't like Jay Z, Eminem and Common, but that's what I consider good rap.)

Alanis Morissette. I grew up with a single mother in the mid 90's, I was destined for this one.

Coldplay. I went to their concert, it was good, I'm a sucker for brit-pop.

The Go Go's. Again, single Mom.

The Goralliz, love 'em.

Hoobastank and (old) Incubus. NuMetal trash really, but it's catchy, and I like it. (Not ashamed of the new Incubus though, that's good stuff)

Kid Rock. I'm from the south, it's just natural.

Limp Bizkit. Great for working out and running, even if the lyrics are something a 7 year old could have written.

Linkin Park. Ditto LB.

Nickleback. I hate it, but I like it.

Sheryl Crow. I actually really, really like her, but it's just not my normal genre.

Snow Patrol. Ditto Coldplay, even though their Scottish.

Sugar Ray, pure pop bliss.

Will Smith. The nostalgia factor is heavy in that one...

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I certainly don't consider the Gorillaz ( :rockon: ), Barenaked Ladies or Snow Patrol as 'guilty pleasures' :)

I'm sure not many people here would agree with this, but Coldplay's first album "Parachutes" is one of my absolute favourites (as for their later stuff, well... :P )

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I don't either, I really like all 3 of them, it just seems like something us music snobs would turn our noses at.

I like all of Coldplay's stuff, but that CD is by far their best, followed closely by A Rush of Blood to the Head, and then pretty far behind is X & Y.

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