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  1. Crazy Train would be my vote, Iron Man maybe? Sabotage by the Beastie Boys is Good, as is Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins, McFearless by the Kings of Leon, Move by Thousand Foot Krutch, Bodies by Drowning Pool...
  2. If we're talking Queen, I'm more of a fan of "Killer Queen" myself, the middle of that song has some handy May guitaring in there. Sweet Child O' Mine, Slash in all his glory. Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughn. Little Wing by Jimi.
  3. Okay, then maybe we should shift the argument to who had the more impressive body of work, or who was more of an infulence on rock and roll.
  4. I'm sorry, but I have to do it. My friend and I got in an argument today, and I have to know what the songfacts faithful think. This argument needs no introduction, simply: The Stones or the Beatles? Who's better?
  5. And that, is why you can call me Slowhand. :guitar:
  6. Green Day did not kill rock Farin! ... they did make it easier for some bands to follow in their footsteps and try, but THEY did not.
  7. I have about 2000 mp3's, for about 5 days worth of music, and it's probably about half legal.
  8. Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Mest, Cake ... that's about as ska as I get, but I like it. Good call on the Long Beach Dub All-Stars too, that's basically Sublime without Brad Newell right?
  9. I'm in the Mellow Gold camp myself, it's the best I've heard.
  10. Keep in mind, these are just guitarists you really enjoy or appreicate, not ones you think are technially sound or can play amazing. I listed Tom Petty as one of mine, not because he revolutionized guitar or anything, but because I just really enjoy his guitar work. It's nothing I couldn't play if I practiced a day or two (and I'm below average at best) but I just love it...
  11. By saying it's not a sport I'm not saying it's easy, I know I couldn't do it, but it's not a sport.
  12. Brain Stew is their best tune, IMO. Just catchy...
  13. I actually agree with you, Green Day has become too political recently, but their old stuff is still amazing.
  14. Ahem, we're talking about SPORTS, not sitting behind a wheel. But ya, latest on Vick is that he was ordered not to attend mini camp by Goodell, this could get interesting...
  15. In the past few years, this is most definietly true. As far as I'm concerned, Green Day started to die after Insomniac, and then complely died after Nimrod. Warning and American Idiot aren't what I'm arguing here, that's popefied fluff aimed at 12 year olds and I know it. However, their first mainstream album, Dookie, was aimed at the adult alternative audience, the mid to late 20's crowd.
  16. Good call on Santana, I forgot about him.
  17. I'm not claiming they stated Punk Rock, just that they most definietly brought it to a mainstream audience and brought it more exposure.
  18. I know this is a list that magazines have done to death, but this list is too personal for me to read from a magazine. Who are your favorite guitarists, or guitarists you just think are amazing? Mine, in no paticular order: - Brian May - Eric Clapton - Steve Ray Vaughn - Chuck Berry - Keith Richards - Prince - Slash - Jimi Hendrix - Joe Perry - Billy Corgan - Bo Diddily - Tom Petty - Angus Young I also think, on a side note, that Steve Ray Vaughn is wayyyyy underrated, that dude could shred a guitar. I've never heard jazz guitar played the way he did it, shame all these amazing guitarists die young...
  19. That music was made before they were a band, I'll give you that, but at that point in time the punk scene was still very much underground. People (by in large) didn't start hearing about bands like The Clash, The Violent Femmes, The Sex Pistols, until the late 80's, which is right about the time Green Day was forming up. Dookie, their mainstream breakout, came out in 1994, but their earliest EP came out in 1989. ... and I never said Green Day was the FIRST. They did, however, usher in a completly new genre of music. Perhaps "Punk Rock" was the wrong term for it, Punk-Pop might have been a better term. Wether or not you like them, you can't turn on the radio today without hearing a blatent Green Day knock off. Maybe that's because Green Day knocked off the Clash and the Pistols, but for a wide audience Green Day was the first, just like Nirvana wasn't the first grunge band but were responsible for the revolution.
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