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Songs that you secretly enjoy


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Since being in songfacts, its become clear that most everyone hates rap. I personally am not a big fan of it either, but i think everyone likes a few rap songs and don't mind jamming to them in the car alone. So I'm just curious what rap songs you do like. I like songs by Snoop Dogg, especially "Drop it like its hot" and "Gin & Juice". I also like 50 cent "In Da Club", "PIMP" , and "20 Questions". Then G Unit- "I smell Pussy", dont ask, this song just brings back a good memory. Then some older stuff by Dr. Dre and Tupak. I know thats more then a few, but what can I say, I like all kinds of music.

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i love lots of rap! i don't go out of my way to listen to it but i get well into it in da club! when i was doing my leaving cert (final exams at the end of school in ireland, most important exams of your life!) after i got home at the end of every exam day i put on 'the next episode' and went crazy, then sat down and studied for the next. i love snoop dogg's voice!

also not sure if this counts cos i'm rubbish at categorising music but i love to listen to the beastie boys and rage against the machine when i'm feeling angsty!

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I think rap music hit an all time high in the mid-90's when the industry was flooded with the new wave of Hip-Hop. The rap music that you can bounce to in the clubs and enjoy in your car with the windows down and it gives you a good feeling because it's not about "sad" issues like violence, the ghetto, drug abuse, or anything like that. Old school rap is fun to listen to but a little harder to jam to in the bars or clubs. Now rap nowadays, is just turning toward pop where a lot of it is pointless and really only belongs in a dance club while being harder to listen to in the car.

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