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  1. hey guys, its been a while eh! well I have been writing still, and will continue to do so, I was wondering if yous could comment on my new one please? BURNING COLD By day break, I promise I won’t be fake I take my stand, so take my life with my own hands So drink tonight your glass of wine, Cause tomorrow is my time to shine With my eyes closed, burning cold, This is the way the mat unrolled Slow motion as I fall, movement to a crawl, I could hear your life come to a stall As I took those pills with that rum, Yes, I thought of you, and felt like scum, But it was too la
  2. Hey, Havent posted here in a while, but I thought I'd check and see what the 411 is around here, anyways this is a Song I wrote for my Girlfriend, who is having a rough time these days...This is her favorite, and I hope you all enjoy it also, feedback if you want... WHEN TIMES GET ROUGH [Verse 1] I know, what’s going on in your life is tough, But, I want to be here for you, to hold you when you’re down, To be that shoulder you lean on, in times of need, I want to be the man, who catches you when you fall, {Chorus} The world is dark the world is scary, But darling, it’s goi
  3. Hey guys, well I havent posted here in a while...here are 3 of my newest poems for your pleasure of reading...lemme know what ya's think...thanx... Marko Thoughts of You Its two A.M. still sleep hasn?t entered my thoughts I?m still flowing in a river of your thoughts, Thoughts of how you smile, when I say, ?I love you?, Thoughts of the day, you said, ?I love you? for the first time, Thoughts of you fill the mystic night sky, Thoughts of you flood my mind, Thoughts of you flow through me, Like the wind does through the trees Its four AM and I have forgotten all about sle
  4. This one I have written for a friend, who is goin thru this particular situation....enjoy ppls BREAKDOWN I can feel myself heading towards the breakdown There is nothing I can do to stop this from happening, I feel so helpless, and I feel so alone How am I to see through this? When all I can see are the problems here So I spend my days, Looking for a way to see myself through I can feel the walls crumbling around me, I am left alone to wonder who will save me, When everything falls in around me, I feel I am left with the crumbled remains, With no one to run to, and no
  5. Well I really dunno what inspired this one...but i do have to say its different from my other songs I have posted here, but its a good enough poem...tell me what you think please.... TRUE LOVE BLVD Tonight, out for a late night tour Silence blankets the town, Off in the distance the silence is broken Mournful cry of a heart-broken teenager As I continue down this empty street, I come to a turn and all the feelings rush back I have been here before, before I made a wrong turn I took the dark lonely heartbreak avenue Finally, I avenge my mistake and proceed straight, A head
  6. This one was written about my Girlfriend and how time is passing so slowly until I get to see her again, and how much I miss her, Enjoy, and plz gimme some feedback, thanx Tomorrows Fate What was that, did my heart just skip a beat? Seems you?ve been gone for an eternity To be close to you, time, I must defeat It will be you and me; serenity Hours from tomorrow, yet it?s far away Laying here I feel that today will not end, Alone tonight, tomorrow?s fateful day Today drags on like a bad cut on the mend This whole world is growing so dark and cold Time is passing by so painf
  7. Thanks man, and I will look into changing them and maybe post a revised copy here soon...we'll just have to see how things go... :guitar:
  8. Well, this one was orginally a song, but I've turned it into a poem...tell me what you think please!! ONLY YOU [Verse 1] Sitting here with precious moments passing by, Like a cool, gentle ocean breeze I watch you sleep, not caring for anything Only you, you look so beautiful Too angelic for words, I am captivated by you [Verse 2] When I have you in my arms Intangibility seems to fill the air Every hug I wish would last a lifetime Every touch I wish would never fade [Verse 3] Before I see you my stomach, It fills with butterflies My nerves seem to work overtime But on
  9. The black Eyed Peas had to clean it up and make it "Politically Correct" or else radio stations and T.V stations would not and could not play it on there air ways without facing fines...and that is how it got changed to "STARTED" isntead of "RETARDED"
  10. here be my newest one, enjoy it was written about my Grandfather... You're Immortal [Verse 1] In every mile I venture into I model each step after you In every minute spent in a day I breathe to one day be like you {Chorus} You have been my inspiration You?ve always been my motivation I have always idolized you I?ve done all this because to me you?re Immortal (your Immortal) [Verse 2] Within every speech I?ve made There is your inspiration involved Every project I have done You have help with your wisdom {Chorus} You have been my inspiration You?ve always been my
  11. "Beautiful" - THORNLEY Man I love this song!!! on of my favorites, and Thornley is a great band too! PLUG FOR THORNLEY!!! ::
  12. hey, this is my self-proclaimed best...tell me what you guys think.... ONLY YOU [iNTERLUDE] If you had a second chance, At life would you take it? If you were given another shot At love would you accept? [Verse 1] There aren?t many, Who get a second chance, I must be the luckiest, I have gotten my second chance {Chorus} Sitting here with time passing by, I watch you sleep, not caring for anything Only you, you look so beautiful Too angelic for words, I am captivated by you [Verse 2] When I have you in my arms Intangibility seems to fill the air Every hug I wish wo
  13. Well, I have written yet another happy song...enjoy Karhul here ya go... WE?LL NEVER LOSE TOUCH [Verse 1] These last few months, have taken their toll on me I don?t know why, but you?re the only one who sees How miserable I was, when you weren?t in my arms Life it wasn?t the same, it wasn?t a life with out you {Chorus} So lets enjoy now, the moment for what it is We can walk to the stars, so you can pick one out Lets freeze time, so we can stay here together We?ll never lose the feeling; we?ll never lose touch [Verse 2] Now the cloudiest days, they all seem brigh
  14. That was very good...not too long, where it doesn't flow well anymore...and not to short where it doesn't flow at all...in all...I enjoyed it...
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