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Songs that you secretly enjoy

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I just remember that I also like the Italian Romantic/Pop ballads from the 70s that a lot of Latin Americans translated back in the 80s. Pupo is the best example of this.

"Su Di Noi"




The Spanish cover versions:

"Tu Y Yo"

"Quizas Si, Quizas No"

Most people nowadays, who talk about music in Spanish, seldom ever reference these artists and it's a shame that anyone not familiar with good music in Spanish immediately are referenced to listen to shakira and mana (two of the worst in the genre of Latin Pop).

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I love to listen to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice :blush: :D

We have a cd at work that plays it and it always makes me laugh...and then there's the lyrics...

"Quick to the point, to the point no faking

I'm cooking MCs like a pound of bacon"

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"Cheek to Cheek" performed by Eva Cassidy.

"Helmet Head" performed by Great Big Sea.

"The Road to Paradise" performed by Melinda Caroll.

"The 59th Street Bridge Song" performed by Simon & Garfunkel.

"Speedball Tucker" or "The Ballad of Kerrymuir" performed by Jim Croce.

"I Take My Chances" performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

"Come Softly to Me" performed by The Fleetwoods.

"Reason To Believe" by anyone who can carry a tune.

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" performed by The Byrds. :afro:

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