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  1. what up peeps? just curious on any artists or bands that you enjoy listening to that you might not think people know about. I always love listening to new stuff..so post them recommendations here! if you like artists like Fiona Apple or Colbie Caillat, you gotta check out one of my favrite artists, Rachel McGoye! i love her song "Try Try", her lyrics are so cute and she has a great voice! Google her.
  2. I'd have to say "An Angel" by Declan Galbraith. I dont know why, but I just like this song and he's a cutie too.
  3. Has anyone heard of this band, The Black Summer Crush. My friend introduced them to me, so i checked them out...they're really good! They're kinda bringing the classic rock sound back with a little blend of Pink Floyd and the Beatles meets Rock N Roll, hahaha! Sweet. I'm diggin the song Lucky Girl. Check them out, let me know what you think of them. Thats all. Thanks! myspace.com/theblacksummercrush
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