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  1. c'mon c'mon and touch me baby! can't you see that i am not afraid what was that promise that you made?
  2. a very good film first of all (micheal moore is brilliant) anyways theres this song that goes like this some people say that bowling alleys got big lanes some people say that bowling alleys all look the same take the skinheads bowling take them bowling take the skinheads bowling take them bowling take the skinheads bowling take them bowling any ideas? thanks
  3. i saw it. very good, i never really liked billy joel but i ended up buying some after i saw it. just so you know there is 2 words of dialouge in it left!,right! (drill sgt.)
  4. soycd is such a good song that album is almost as good as darkside
  5. hey, i've been away from the site for awhile when did the automatic (bleep) come about?
  6. good choice, i always take satisfaction and brown sugar first though
  7. how many times has this been discussed?
  8. i didn't think that there were that many. jeez
  9. Is it true that the guitar parts were recorded at different times and then combined?
  10. i think i've watched that in school every year since the 1st grade
  11. I?m sure everyone has seen the very cool hp commercial. It?s the one where a guy is picking up photo frames and making pictures of himself. Anyway the song playing in the background caught my ear. It sounds like something along the lines of the kinks all I remember is they say pictures a few times. Any ideas? Thanks.
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