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  1. Hey, jus wanted to say... you guys totally rock. You like (like counter: 1)totally helped me with my assignment. Not like (like counter: 2) I copied everything down word for word. I so wouldn't like (like counter: 3) do that. You guys like (like counter: 4) gave me a clear picture of what songs are about.
  2. any1 seen the video clip? Chester's in it! I love Hoobastank now. Hoobastank rox.
  3. ...... frog. i wanna be a monkey. monkey magic.... monkey magic... :happybanana:
  4. Queen Of The Damned Sountrack- System SWAT-Figure.09 Queen of the Damned-System Valentine-Pushing Me Away Little Nicky-Points of Authority I think that's all... Queen Of The Damned Rocked!! Aaliyah's cool. Rock on lil' brother.
  5. This song is for a special someone *coughs* *points to username* Just want to hold your hand I just want to be with you I just want to make you understand How much I will always love you What everyone says makes my heart break at first I just think of the way you looked to me And it erases all of the worst Maybe you have forgotten me Like you have with others before you Or maybe not, we'll just wait and see With all that attention we drew. Chester kissed me at Projekt Revolution. (It was only a quick one so don't get jealous.... it lasted 3 seconds) *sigh* Rock on lil'
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