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  1. Lizzie

    the greatest lyricisits

    Bob Dylan John Lennon was a close second! I think you should also put Paul McCartney on the list ~Lizzie
  2. Lizzie

    Pop songs that you actually like!

    What pop songs do you like that were made from 2000?2004? ~Lizzie
  3. Lizzie


    of course I would pick Tears in Heaven?Eric Clapton (it was my lullaby when I was little) and most of you don't think of Avril as rock but she has some sad songs, like Slipped Away (this song was dedicated to her grandfather. They had a very strong bond and when he died, she wrote this song about her sadness) or Nobody's Home (don't know much about this one) ~Lizzie ( )
  4. Has there ever been a song that was considered "Pop" that you actually liked? Has there ever been a song that was considered "Pop" that didn't annoy you? Has there ever been a song that was considered "Pop" that you actually bought the album to? Please me know! this song has cool words and music, and believe it or not, the girl who sings it is only 13! Baby it's You?Jojo [Verse 1] Can somebody explain to me Why everybody is trying to be Living like a celebrity Doing what they see on MTV. Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for. Cause that's me I don't ask for much Baby Having you is enough [Chorus] You ain't got to buy nothing It's not what I want Baby it's You We don't have to go nowhere Its not what I want Baby it's you It's not for what you got I know you got a lot No matter what you do You always gettin Hot It's You, It's You Baby all I want is You Yeah [Verse 2] It don't matter that your car is fly And your rims are spinning on the side and It don't matter where we go tonight Cause if I'm with you I'll be alright. That's cool but I'm lookin for more Its your love that my heart beats for. Cause thats me Don't have to spend a dime Baby I just want your time. ~Lizzie NO AVRIL BASHING PLEASE!!! (hold back, just this once. Do it for Lizzie )
  5. Lizzie

    What are the best songs of 2004?

    There's a higher power-Buddy Miller ~Lizzie
  6. Lizzie

    Hence the name...

    That is sooo cool that AC/DC got their name from a speaker of something, because I always thought that AC/DC sounded very familiar... Anyway, The crickets were great and I see why the Beetles admired them. ~Lizzie
  7. Lizzie

    Weirdest TV charachter...

    Who do you think is the weirdest TV charachter? My vote goes to stewie He is cute, in a weird way ~Lizzie
  8. Lizzie

    Best rock songs ever

    Thanks for rating this thread a 5! I know Giddy up Ding dong (oh, giddy up, giddy up ding dong, giddy up, giddy up ding dong...) I know the Treniers, but I don't know that song! Hmm let me test you... Do you know: Get out (Leave)- JoJo or This Love- Maroon 5 Look whos looking names up on google now! Just kidding ~Lizzie
  9. Lizzie

    Hence the name...

    Oh yeah! I remember now! ~Lizzie P.S. someone took a star away from my user rating I am very upset
  10. Lizzie

    Hence the name...

    Does anyone know some cool stories on how bands got their names? Specifically why the Beatles are called the Beatles. ~Lizzie
  11. Lizzie

    Best rock songs ever

    BASK IN THE GLORY OF ? Edna ~Lizzie
  12. Lizzie

    Best rock songs ever

    I think you guys are underestimating me! I know that song! I know more than you guys think! My mother used to play me Eric Clapton when I was in my bassinet! I grew up with this kind of music (that's why I am soo cool! ) . ~Lizzie
  13. Lizzie

    Best rock songs ever

    Thats funny! ~Lizzie
  14. Lizzie

    Bob Marley

    Bob Marley is one of the best things that ever happened to the world. My favorite song by him is "Them belly full (but we hungry)". If he were alive right now, he would be doing great things. It's great that we have Ziggy!! ~Lizzie
  15. Lizzie

    Best rock songs ever

    (this is a quote, but I messed it up)Depends on my mood. How about this: "Which songs do I like to turn up to 11 when they come on?" ____________________________________________________________ (this is my part. Boy, am I stupid or what?) Hmmm, OH! I KNOW!!! Red house- Jimi Hendrix or Respect- Aretha Franklin or is it Musicology-Prince (not rock, but still cool) I can't decide! Maybe He Wasn't- Avril Lavigne, (ok, I know she isn't rock, but I like this song.), oh no, WHAT HAVE I SAID!? ~Lizzie