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  1. my generation - the who c'mon its one of the first rock songs with a bass solo
  2. if you like nirvana, which i assume you should try let me out - future leaders of the world the singers voice has an uncanny resemblance to kurt cobain
  3. i am the walrus how can you get better than a song made whilst on acid. also, here comes the sun and good old rocky racoon
  4. There?s something very strange about grandpa He used to wear his pants hiked up as far as they would go And now he wears them sagging around his waist so his adult diaper shows He only speaks in ebonics, and he keeps asking for the chronic. -larry weaver ~grandpa's gone gangster
  5. must have 'so this is christmas' by john lennon also try 'do they know its christmas' by band aid, 'christmas time' by bryan adams, and 'emanual' by amanda marshal
  6. I enjoy this song. I find the lyrics really sad and meaningful. I knew a kid who's mother was a complete nutcase and controlled him. He was so jaded, he didnt realize how twisted it was. I gave him this song on a cd and he cried. So therefore i love it. the end New Slang - The Shins
  7. 1980 - john lennon and yoko ono release Double Fantasy 1970 - Elton John recorded an album live, on what was WABC-FM in New York City. It marked the first time that a concert was aired live and recorded for release as aired. The LP was titled, 11/17/70
  8. Another one bites the dust - queen we will rock you - queen she hates me - puddle of mud gotta get through this - unknown i love myself today - bif naked communication breakdown- zeppelin diamonds and guns - transplants these are ones that my team uses periodically, may not suit you.
  9. Which one kicks more ass and why? :guitar:
  10. What are the best sad songs in rock? The definition of sad is your own oppinion.
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