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  1. "I'm Looking Through You" on Rubber soul. It's my fav for more personal reasons. When i was driving my mom to the hospital and the sun was just rising, but my mother was crying because she was about to have major surgery to where the odds of surviving weren't too high. But this song came on and i put my hand on her shoulder and we both started to sing this. Since then, this has been my favorite beatles song.
  2. Since being in songfacts, its become clear that most everyone hates rap. I personally am not a big fan of it either, but i think everyone likes a few rap songs and don't mind jamming to them in the car alone. So I'm just curious what rap songs you do like. I like songs by Snoop Dogg, especially "Drop it like its hot" and "Gin & Juice". I also like 50 cent "In Da Club", "PIMP" , and "20 Questions". Then G Unit- "I smell Pussy", dont ask, this song just brings back a good memory. Then some older stuff by Dr. Dre and Tupak. I know thats more then a few, but what can I say, I like all kinds of music.
  3. U2- One Metallice- One Sublime- Summertime Will Smith- Summertime
  4. I went to highschool with Jessica Simpson. It sadly doesnt get much better than that. Theres probably numerous country singers from here, I know the dixie chicks are. Pantera is the only decent band i can think of at the moment. Other than them Drowning Pool is from here and that band,Bowling For Soup, who sings that awful hit from a couple years ago "The Girl all the Bad Guys Want" went to my neighboring high school.
  5. My personal favorite of him is Plastic Ono Band. "Working Class Hero" is probably the most recognized track from the album along with "God". But "Look At Me" is of the best melodies that John Lennon has ever written.
  6. Rammstein "Du Hast", the first time i ever tried X, me and my friend brushed each others hair and listed to this song on repeat for quite a while.
  7. I was watching TV with my friend once and someone was talking about how they like Nirvana and then my friend goes "Yea i liked Nirvana, but they havent come out with anything new in a long time". I just looked at her and couldnt believe that out the hundreds of people who still cry about Kurt, she hadnt even have heard the news yet. This doesnt have anything to do with music, but I got in an argument with this guy about whether a plane hit the pentagon on 9/11. He was trying to tell me it was a bomb, not a plane. Mind you, this conversation was just about a week ago.
  8. I wonder if there was anyone who was a fan of DMB and was maybe excited that they got the honor of having is crap fallen on him. Hmmm. I respect alot of people but i cant really think of anyone whose crap I'd appreciate to see. Unless it was cool crap you know, like maybe it formed a fun little shape or something. Sorry i didnt mean to offend, I just have these lingering questions i must let out.
  9. lol i tried to cover up writing the f word so i wouldnt upset the people in charge of this forum and the computer thought it was my email. Believe me i dont know what i find this so funny.
  10. I love it in the movie "The Big Lebowski" when John Goodman is talking about Lenin but this guy Donnie thinks he's talking about John Lennon and keeps say "I am the walrus" over and over. Its defiently a scene you have to see to get, but its great. Also I love the scene in "Pulp Fiction" when theyre in the car and he shoots the black guy and barely flinches and is just like " F@ck, I shot Marvin!".
  11. I liked the Buddy Holly Story where Gary Busey plays him. I also like Grease despite how many times I've seen it. I still love it. Oh yea and when i was a little girl i was obsessed with this Johnny Depp movie "Cry Baby". It was a musical and Johnny Depp was the lead singer of this band. Did anyone else see that. I dont know anyone who has but I used to be in love with that movie. Of course when i watch it now i wonder how i ever sat through it.
  12. I know I loved Uncle Rico. He reminded me so much of my dad. My dad still lives in 1974 instead of 1982 but you get the point. I can't believe no one mentioned Pedro. I thought Pedro was really the hidden star of the film. But the craze for this movie is getting to much. At my school all these people have begun wearing Vote 4 Pedro shirts and they even have full blown images of the characters and having them say quotes from the movie but changing it around to tell us to join the ping pong club. Like Napoleon's quote is "Girls like guys with skills, like football and ping pong."
  13. Dont let his opinion make you feel like you have no taste. I saw the movie when it came out which was around 98 i think. Anyway when I saw it I liked it. Can't remember too much from it except one of the dates were October 18 1988 and that was my birthday exactly. I think ive posted that before but i still find that pretty cool.
  14. I flipped back and forth to it, mainly because I wanted to see Dave Chappelle. Though at the very end "Polyphonic Spree" (might be a little off on the name) played and they were good. They had a cool little idea, but theyre nothing i could see myself obsessing over, but i might go by their album, who knows.
  15. I was actually reading some european magazine and GNR-''Sweet Child O' Mine" was voted the best solo of all time, and Nirvana-"Come as you are" was second. I like both of those songs but I can think of more talented solos. But as far as what I think I believe the guitar solo on little William Hungs version of "Hotel California" was pretty shitty. Of course i was expecting it to be bad, but i thought there might be a chance the producer would stretch and maybe pay more than a couple grand on the entire album. I know, I know, you must think I'm one of the many who put my money into the American Idol takeover plan, but instead i just illegally downloaded it. Hehe, i love saying that I illegally did it, just cause i refuse to pay a dollar for one song.
  16. Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Mammas and Papas- California dreamin Rolling Stones- Shelter Blondie- Call me
  17. See, I've always figured that they secretly hate their own genre of music but because of the money they have made they must pretend they really have respect for it. Like Justin Timberlake and his transition from boy band to respected solo artist. He probably hates his old image and will do as much as he can to distance himself from it.
  18. The first album I bought was Wallflowers "Bringing Down the Horse". Even now I enjoy that album. Sometimes theres just nothing like mid ninties alternative.
  19. "Immigrant Song" on Zeppelin III Ive always enjoyed that song and i recently was given the Led Zeppelin DVD and that song is one on there, but the song wasnt actually that specific concert but they actually took audio from another performance and added it with that footage. I was really surprised what good quality that DVD was.
  20. hehe, but I seriously am the flying pig, says so on my birth certificate and everything.
  21. I know, but i just wanted someone to get it, even though everyone in this forum would know it. But you still havent said who it was by, though i dont doubt you know it considering one of the band memembers name is your screen name. Heres something that doesnt include the title, since some have chosen to be picky. "I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave"
  22. This is a pretty easy game to understand and if you dont get it im surprised you managed to even get here. Soo all you do is write some lyrics and then people guess which song it is. I've decided to start with something easy cause i dont feel like stumping anyone. "Remember when you were young You shone like the sun Shine on you crazy diamond You were caught in the crossire of chldhood and stardom Blown on the steel breeze Come on you target for faraway laughter Come on you stanger, you legend, you martyr and shine."
  23. Me and my friend were discussing whether the backwards track of stairway to heaven during the "if theres a buste in you hedgerow..." verse was a coincidence or not. I personally believe it was intentional because of clues that were given through the song such as. "cause you know sometimes words have two meanings" "sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven" "there are two paths you can go by but in the long run theres still time to change the road your on" and then "and if you listen very hard this tune will come to you at last" Then theres the mention of the toolshed in the backwards tune which is interesting because in Page's journals he referred to his home he had bought from the satanist leader Crowelly as the toolshed at times.Maybe I'm just looking into this too hard but I'm just curious what other people think.
  24. I enjoyed the movie, it was cute, nothing too special but cute. They have Billy Bob portray our president and then theres a nice little scene where Hugh Grant stands up and says he won't take U.S.'s bullying anymore. Am I the only one or did someone else find this as sort of a dream that Britain has that their prime minister will stand up to Bush and not continue to be his so called ass buddy anymore. My best friend is from england and she tells me about how when she visits she has never seen so many people who despise Bush and also Tony Blair. I dont know, i just thought it was funny in the movie cause they made it out to be such an accomplishment and you know what controversy would come if that were to really happen, but then again Bush is accustomed to leaders critizing him.
  25. Since its a farewell concert and most these fans are deadheads, I really don't find it too surprising.
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