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  2. I want to be a custard pie. anyway metal in the 80's was like the awesome. IRON MAIDEN RULES. :guitar: :happybanana: :happybanana:
  3. What are you talking about afternoon delight is a great song. OH YEAH!!!!peace
  4. But metal is on the verge of destruction and people need to realize that. Metalheads Unite! We need a metal revival back to the olden days of awesome when metal was true from the soul. Today's Metal is mostly besids a few bands destroying it even more. SAVE THE METAL!!! peace
  5. slipknot vol.3 the subliminal verses. their sellout album.peace
  6. brain stew...Green Day Croquet... Bitch and Animal Mockingbird...Eminem yeah the rest are to hidious to even say.Peace
  7. Yeah that is awesome. If only i could go. now i must look myself away. *weeps in corner*
  8. it all depends dude. i see some black metal as senseless screaming but some is really, really cool and awesome.
  9. Yeah i see that but here. Do we celabrate greek holidays as a country in america. not that i know of. SO why do we celebrate St.patricks day. I have the sneaking suspicion it is just to party and have an excuse to get drunk. Listen i'm not saying everyone who celebrates st. pat day is a drunk but seriously guys. Come on. And not all irish people are drunks okay so stop sterotyping. Peace
  10. also, the way metal is treated they think if we listen to new metal we're depressed and need help. And if we listen to old metal they think we're stoners. it sickens me but who cares if these people judge people by there music and generalizing and other crap then do we really want to be part of that? No. Some people might be shallow and judge like that but i'm not. I judge on the person and they're soul. Some of my best friends are considered socially unacceptable to most people well that is dumb. Sorry I'm off on a rant. I'll go now. Peace
  11. SOoooooo st pat day eh. well i don't really see it as a holiday but just a day to celebrate Being Irish. Which is cool but i have a question. they have a day celebrating irish, and a month celebrating black history but is there a holiday for most ethnic backrounds and i'm not talking about within the people but that a whole country celebrates if so please inform me. Peace
  12. I love most metal, hair metal, death metal, 80's metal. it's all good and while i agree that some metal bands are keeping true to the religon of metal. I believe that metal is on the verge of ruin when bands like slipknot disgrace metals name it kills metal. peace
  13. To you all I Thank you You are right wesome metal bands like Sabbath and Maiden and GNR will keep it alive. But you are right today's metal bands suck with few exceptions like System of A Down. fr33dum!! peace
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