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  1. stoer is het niet om nederlands te praten but ok Arno rullez alright
  2. Oh another Belgain!! hey hoe ist ermee, landgenoot? but alright back in English! these songs make me (sometimes) happy: *Cindi Lauper - girls just wanna have fun *B'witched - c'est la vie *sin with sebastian - shut up (and sleep with me) *Ruslana - wild dance *Carl douglas - Everybody was kung fu fighting *ABBA - dancing queen/Take a chance on me *Beatles - twist and shout *Chordettes - lollipop *Chubby checker - the twist *Kool and the gang - celebration *KC and the sunshine band - get down tonight *lesley gore - it's my party *mud - tiger feet *nancy sinatra - these boots
  3. today... 1)guns 'n roses - knockin' on heaven's door 2)Manic street preachers - suicide is painless 3)Mudvayne - goodbye 4)Lynyrd Skynyrd - free bird 5)The rolling stones - paint it black
  4. http://www.popculturemadness.com/Music/Freindship.html I think there you will find songs that are suitable...
  5. Certainly: Scolionophobia- Fear of school. Scoleciphobia- Fear of worms. Poinephobia- Fear of punishment. Myrmecophobia- Fear of ants with no doubt: Insectophobia - Fear of insects Helminthophobia- Fear of being infested with worms. *shivers* Dishabiliophobia- Fear of undressing in front of someone. Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school. Catagelophobia- Fear of being ridiculed Atychiphobia- Fear of failure Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.
  6. I'm embaressed that I like "ashanti - only you" and "alicia keys - karma" ...and besides that...some dance songs *sigh*
  7. Beautiful People by Safka Melanie You live in the same world as I do But somehow I never noticed You before today I'm ashamed to say Beautiful people We share the same back door And it isn't right We never met before But then We may never meet again If I weren't afraid you'd laugh at me I would run and take all your hands And I'd gather everyone together for a day And when we gather'd I'll pass buttons out that say Beautiful people Then you'd never have to be alone 'Cause there'll always be someone With the same button on as you Include him in everything you do.
  8. <11: chordettes - lollipop , cindi lauper - girls just wanna have fun >11: Evanescence - fields of innocence, silverchair - suicidal dreams, simple plan - perfect, korn - bottled up inside present time; 16: Hatebreed - I will be heard, Iced earth - my own savior, godsmack - Sick of my life, metallica - fade to black, adema - giving in,while heaven wept - soulsadness
  9. *Beatles: yesterday *Queen: who wants to live forever, killer queen, we will rock you, another one bites the dust,... *The carpenters: goodbye to love *Korn: Bottled up inside, thoughtless, alone I break *The used: I'm a fake *Stratovarius: Forever, black daimond, destiny *Rhapsody: The wizard's last rhymes, queen of the dark horizon, echoes of tragedy *AFI: Silver and cold, the leaving song part 2
  10. these songs comfort me... Our lady peace - are you sad the beatles - with a little help from my friends bill withers - lean on me AFI - silver and cold (I made a promise, that if someone would sing this song for me...I would marry him)
  11. ok, it's doom metal, but don't be "afraid" they don't grunt/scream in it... it's slow and depressing While heaven wept - the drowning years These empty years, in sadness repose What once were joys now have become sorrows I drank them all away Once, I held hopes, loves, and dreams... now they've sunken into the sea And I've no one left to save me from drowning eternally I drank them all away I drank myself away while heaven wept - soulsadness Sunk into the corner Where the forlorn drift to die A broken man stares into his glass With weeping eyes Drinking away t
  12. It would be a dark angsty drama...maybe a miniserie about my life *o so tragic, cough*? With a bad end! I hate happy endings... Hm, next to that maybe an supernatural serie...I love those! naha...one about vampires, no not in the genre of bimbo buffy! really a la interview with a vampire a like...would be great.
  13. these are my favorites :: Punk lyrics Image uploader Graphic site harry potter fanfiction... look for 'selena_darkins' song lists...really love this site candybar doll maker *blushes* well euhm...it's fun! free mp3
  14. Music...18+ fanfics...naked men...euh the sopranos...Hagrid...and let me think hmmm my daydreams!
  15. I forgot a few songs*hum* *Danzel - pump it up *Tiesto - traffic *Benny Benassi - satisfaction (Every time I see that music video...I want to take my o so powerfull boot and throw it at the tv... it really pisses me off) *Kylie minogue - slow *Aventura - obsesion *usher feat lil'jon & ludacris - yeah *k-maro - femme like u *Anything from black eyed peas *usher - burn
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