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  1. I foung a new song and I don't know the title or the artist. I think it's called "longy" or "loungy" or "longi" or something like that. It's a girl who sings it, she had a very chill voice. But it's a Spanish song, (I think)that's what makes it so hard to google it. The only lyrics I can make up are "longy du corazon". The song starts with a bass and the girl singing "nanana" Yes, another vague description...
  2. There aren't many people here who like Courtney Love, ay? Well, I'm with you.. (It scared the hell out of me, you know..)
  3. The best thing to stop pop-ups is to install Firefox in stead of Internet explorer. This is less heavier and will stop your pop-ups. You can find this browser on www.mozilla.org, also people aren't able to hack into this browser.
  4. I am quite worried about this pope. The media describes him as a very concervative man and that is not what the world needs now. He's a man who thinks JPII was a progressive hippy. And when he was young, he was a member of the Hitlerjugend. I don't think the world would be a better place with another pope who doesn't approve condoms. Although the aids-problem would better.. I do seem to worry a lot about this man, but I hope I'm wrong. I really do..
  5. I think all the little-miss-RnB-singers are waaaaayyyyy overrated...
  6. FOR THE FIRST TIME (Jud Friedman, Allen Rich, James Newton-Howard) Are those your eyes Is that your smile I've been looking at you forever yet I never saw you before Are these your hands holding mine Now I wonder how I could have been so blind And for the first time I am looking in your eyes For the first time I'm seeing who you are I can't believe how much I see when you're looking back at me now I understand what love is, love is for the first time Can this be real Can this be true Am I the person I was this morning and are you the same you It's all so strange How
  7. So it is almost 10 years old.. It's not a new song..
  8. Yeah, uwkay, I'll confess. I am the master, you are my puppets.. Oh no, I really appreciate the help! But, don't be mad, just listen to the song and everything will be oké.. No?
  9. I FOUND IT!! Oh dear, I was wrong about the word 'fly'... Really sorry about that.. It was 'organ donor' DJ Shadow Check it, it's a cool song
  10. nope, not even that.. I'm turning crazy.
  11. Depressing? Try damien Rice.. I even start to cry when I hear his voice..
  12. hey man, get off my back.. I'm just bad in giving descriptions.. It's none of the songs you suggested.. Hmmz.. the only thing I can do is to 'tututu' it, but it wont help, would it? Thanx..
  13. Uwkay, this song has been playing in my head all week.. It's an older song, with no lyrics (not that I can remember) and it's played with.. like keybords or zo.. Its' title is something with 'fly' in or so.. I'm sorry.. This isn't very clear, is it?
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