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  1. Personally, i don't think we ever should have gone in there in the first place. We had no buisness there. Bush kinda thought it was gonna be a quick fix, in, out, boom, done. but the rest of the world (besides Congress) knew that it wasn't that simple. This whole ordeal did nothing but add to my distaste for government.
  2. "The Capo Song" is the best capo song, hate to break it to ya! (oh, noone's ever heard of the capo song? silly me! NATE!) there's a really nice version of "In Your Eyes" that was covered acoustically by Jeffery Gaines, and you can find the tabs here, but i warn you, they aren't the easiest to pick up, because there's alot of syncopated rhythm. i also suggest listening to the song if you can find it. i was at a party where someone played it, and nearly everyone started singing along.
  3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast...i almost forgot about that show altogether. glad you refreshed my memory! Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was pure genius. i have most of the DVD collection.
  4. no, he's only out 'til friday. then they have the funeral. after that comes a nine day mourning period, and then they start the conclave of cardinals to choose the new pope. my guess is they're burying him in the Vatican, under the Basilica, along with all the other pontiffs. i think it'd be nice if they buried him in Krakow, though. after all, it's his native land. Paul, was anyone around where you live upset? because around here, it seemed like i was the only one remotely shaken. everyone else just sort of carried on as usual. maybe it's just me...
  5. ATC, don't let these discussions go by the wayside. i like them, and even if i don't really have an opinion on the song, i like reading what other people have to say about it. Keep "plugging".
  6. I've always found this song to be insanely addictive. It's one of those songs that i listen to once, and then play back again and again and again... "I'm gonna buy me a ticket now As far as I can Ain't never comin' back Ride me a Southbound All the way to Georgia now 'till the train run out of track" my favorite line of the song. ditto to ATC's comments. awesome song!
  7. X-Files. case closed. it's just one of those shows that goes one of two ways: you watch it religiously and you're extremely into it, or you've seen it maybe once or twice in your life and don't care much for it. for the most part, that is. i'm sure there are some exceptions. hell, X-Files practically has an actual cult. we've even adopted and invented our own vocabulary: Phile, Shipper, Dripper, Noromo, etc... Can't get enough of that X-Files!
  8. no need for apologies! pleased to meet ya, Paul. i'm Maria.
  9. You would be correct. It was originally a Bryan Adams song.
  10. Ah, i know, my poor Pope. I love him to death, and i hope he recovers. As far as you can tell you're the only practicing Catholic? and what kind of an assumption is that? all in jest, all in jest. but i am a practicing Catholic, so watch out before you jump to conclusions.
  11. parma: I LOVE YOUR AVATAR! ok, carry on.
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