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  1. ive been playing the acoustic guitar for about 6 months now and i cant think of anymore songs to play. im lookin for sum really good songs that are great to play and singalong at partys. has anyone got any suggestions for me.
  2. now this band is really good. dont be put off by the strange name, or the fact that they are french, DONKEY SKONK are quality. Unlike most punky ska bands which are crap this band create uniquely lush songs. french rapping and ska is the way forward. check em out!
  3. does ne1 know of any really good trip hop/ acid jazz songs. ive just started listenin 2 the genre and want 2 find sum really good songs.
  4. no seriously this band is amazin!!! It is not really techno more electronic. download their song called " Fly High" . it is the best. u will thank me when you hear it!!!
  5. everyone who hasnt already heard the great japanese band: THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS, i suggest you check them out. They are amazin.
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