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Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL

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My birthday is tomorrow. The last year of my 20s. I think that's sufficiently random.

So, are you going down by the river to send letters to former lovers? (See: "Northwest Passages" episode of "Northern Exposure.")

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Weirdly random thing this morning.

Driving south in the left lane on a 4-lane road this morning (two lanes north, two lanes south), a woman on a bicycle made a left-hand turn into the lane in front of me (from a Quik-Trip) pedaling like mad. I'm thinking for sure she's just cutting across the street and will continue over to the sidewalk, right?

Not so. She pulls out in front of me directly into the middle of my lane, and just keeps going. I slam on my brakes and slow to about 5 mph behind her while cars are doing the same behind me (not seeing her, thinking that I'm just driving like an idiot) and she's pedaling, pedaling. She must have been pretending she was a motorcycle or a car. She never looked back, didn't have any mirrors.

I finally get to a point where I can go around her - and I do. And as I'm passing her, she waves at me and keeps on going as the rest of the traffic behind me moves over and passes her, too.

Psychotic idiots should not be allowed near the roads.

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and on that same note, see here for the Songplaces article about the David Bowie song "Heroes," which was inspired by a couple having a romantic rendezvous in the shadow of the wall. :)

I have a piece of that wall, BTW. Just a small chunk... very weird to study up on the history of where it came from and what it meant in the lives of so many...

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