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I lived through more than a few winters in Chicago where when I'd get up in the morning to head to school, the air temperature was below zero; that's not talking about the wind chill, either.

I didn't go to public school, so I wasn't bused, I had to take public transportation to school each day, which consisted of two buses. Standing outside waiting for one to come when it's -15F alone, with a wind chill of -40F is not fun. I think in the 4 years I was in high school, we had a grand total of 3 or 4 snow days or days where school was canceled because of extreme cold. You just put sweatpants on underneath your uniform skirt, heavy coat, hat, gloves, and scarf and went to school. No one complained because that's just what you did. My parents had to go to school in that kind of weather, and they were in school in the 50s and 60s, when they didn't have the luxury of heated buses.

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I used to get up at 5.30 since I was 5 years old. The bus would pick us up and drop us in school at 7.45. Then, at 5 pm, back home. The bus would take almost two hours to get home as there were many kids on that bus, we lived very far, in another neighborhood. And the French school was the only french school in Buenos Aires.

So I guess I had my first "normal" meal at 7pm every day till I was 15 and started High School.

I hated the food they gave in school so I wouldn't eat at all...

Yes, it was hard :laughing: :laughing:

But it teached me discipline and how to survive with just a sandwich in 14 hours :laughing:

Now I'm a happy old lady and my life has been very happy as well... :cool:

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Our indoor percussion show this year is really cool, much more inventive than last year's! It's Geometry, but I think that's just the working title. There are 3 movements main movements, with a few other short segments, but only 2 of them are fully done and they segue rather well.


Starting off with a mysterious E from a synth, other instruments add in with foreshadowing of themes from the show, an accelerando follows until the hi-hat kicks in; counting us off into-

Movement I-Square:

A funky romp in E minor, with duets from a keyboard and a battery percussion instruments intoducing the themes. A short silence is broken by the temple blocks, then a short snippet of "Hip to be Square" is played before the themes are repeated, this time with the full ensemble. The battery break is a change of pace, then a crescendo leading up to syncopated attacks. Wind chimes lead us to-


Slow arpeggios from the marimba are accompanied by a quirky melody from the vibes before a odd chord leading us into-

Movement II: Circle

A very beautiful D major piece, "Circle" starts off with a piano playing a pretty melody in 4/4 before launching into a quirly 7/8 melody, accompanied by ride cymbal and glockenspeil. The xylo and marimba then have the melody, which switches between 7/8 and 4/4 a few times, with Crotales (when we find a way to mount them) adding in on the 4/4 bars. The melody then transfers to the glockenspiel before a crescendo up the keyboards; causing a "false climax" (a silent 2 beats.) A suspended cymbal roll then leads into the real climax, with the battery finally thundering in and various themes occurring simultaneously. Things then calm down with the piano playing one of the more musically moving themes, with vibes and marimba joining in with the theme stated at the start.

Where it goes from here is unclear. Movement III: Triangle is incomplete to my knowledge and all I know is that it is a quirky waltz in D minor. What exactly happens is unknown to me.

Link to music (might still be processing; just wait a little bit):

Sorry for such a long post. If you're reading this still; THANKS!

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Another birthday party invitation for my daughter....kid's got a better social life than I do!

Actually, I shouldn't complain, I am going to lunch with the girls on Saturday, and I had a girls night out last week, so my social life isn't so bad, either

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