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  • 2 weeks later...

Gather 'round kids, creepy story time.

Last night around 1:30, I'm having trouble falling asleep. I'm lying in bed and it's just too hot, even with the a/c (supposedly) keeping it down around 80. Anyway, I'm fully awake, but with my eyes closed trying to doze off. The a/c was dormant for the moment, since it had just cycled a few minutes before. There's no windows open, no source of any breeze in my room. And a cold breeze blows over me. I'm thinking, sweet! That feels good. But then it occurs to me... there's nothing in here that could be creating a breeze. Not a thing. The blinds aren't moving, either. So I open my eyes expecting to see something sitting on the side of my bed... but no. Then things go back to being sweltering.

Meanwhile, I look down the hall and see my kid's light is still on. But it's the weekend, so that's okay.

Today, me and the kid are in the car and he tells me he had bad dreams all night, and it started around 1:30. He said he was half asleep/half awake, and he felt something by his bed. So he didn't know if he was dreaming, but he said it seemed very real, he opened his eyes and there was a dark shape standing next to his bed. He said it looked tall and there were no details, just like a large, dark mist. And it scared him. So he closed his eyes and when he looked again it was gone. Then he got up and turned on his light because he didn't want to sleep in the dark. And he had scary dreams the rest of the night.

He didn't know about the cold breeze I'd felt. :puppyeyes:

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