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Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL

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I picked my daughter up from work because her car was getting fixed...as we were walking to the parking lot she says "Mom, where did you park?"....I said "Oh Im way over there"....she asks "Why did you park way out there?"...I told her because I have to get my pedometer mileage in for today....and she says "Mom you're such a dork".... :D ...and then I said just think "we're closer to the exit too!... :laughing:.....and then she gave me the eye roll... :rolleyes:

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There's this smell... I've been trying to figure out for YEARS what it is... some sort of paint or something. It reminds me of being little more than anything else does. I think it's the strongest smell-associated memory I've got.

The smell of turpentine brings me back to my friend Didier´s room, in the early seventies... :)

I wish one day I could go back to Buenos Aires, I am very curious about my reactions with smells... I cannot say I miss my hometown, but I miss my childhood days when all was almost perfect and so so safe... mom and dad and family would be there to protect me... :cool: :cool:

Childhood living is easy to do...

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I had to get up very early this morning for our monthly staff meeting....as I'm getting my coffee, my father in law comes into the kitchen and says "so it's that time of the month again, huh?"...not quite awake or with it...I gave him a strange look...but realized he meant my meeting..... :doh:

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