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As every year, I cannot forget that on August 25th 1944, the American troops -and French and Resistants and other countries' volunteers- liberated Paris from the Nazi occupation.

I also remember June 6th, same year, D-Day, when the US Army came to Normandie, North of France, giving their lives for freedom and justice.

If not for the US action in WWII, there would be a very different world today.

As a French, as a Jew and as a human being I want to thank you once again...




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Congrats, Jenny! It's been wonderful having you... even if you were here before I was. ;-)

And now for my announcement:

Here ye, Here ye, one of our most esteemed Songplaces writers has written a book that was released just yesterday! It's called "Beyond the Tempest Gate."

Here's an excerpt:

“The Tempest Gate was visible on the horizon long before Gabriel sailed into it – a black vortex of roiling clouds, pulsing and veined with lightning, churning over the sea like newly erupted volcanic ash. For five hundred years sailors had been changing course at the very sight of that unholy deluge, but Gabriel, Holy Knight of the Church of Dunrabian, headed straight for its very heart. He had come to destroy the demon Elezear sleeping within its elemental walls, and he would complete his quest or die trying.”

Sound good? I thought it might! :grin:

Go to his site to see how to order Author Jeff Suwak, "Beyond the Tempest Gate"

Got my copy ordered up already...

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Speaking of buying books...

My brother has a friend in publishing and it seems I may have a chance at having my poetry printed. If it's not the publishing house where she works, my baby bro says she'll point us to the one best suited for my works. :grin:

I can only say I'm extremely grateful to all the Fishies who've enjoyed reading my (numerous!) posts in Creative Writing and for the great advice and compliments! :bow:

Now we just have to hope that the publishers like my stuff! :jester:

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