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The nor'easter hit Southern and Central Jersey worse than it hit up by me, so we only got a few inches of wet snow. Half of it melted yesterday, and with warmer than normal temperatures predicted over the next couple of days, we will have nothing by tomorrow. I have family in Ocean County and they were not affected, so we're all good.

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Thank you, S2V, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Do you still celebrate it out of the states?

It's such a happy feeling to be amongst so many family members at one time, giving thanks to all our blessings, enjoying a delicious meal together, reminiscing about the good 'ol days and making a toast to a healthy and prosperous year ahead. :)

May you and your family have a healthy and prosperous year ahead, as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)


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Between 10:30 pm Sunday night and 11:20 am Tuesday morning, nobody was shot, stabbed, slashed or murdered in New York!


This could mean either crime is decreasing or criminals are getting smarter and harder to catch.

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Get your votes in for the Top Ten by Sunday, as I will be tallying up the results Sunday evening instead of Monday.

I also won't be nominating or voting next week.

I will not be online from Monday Dec. 3 thru Sat. Dec. 8, as I will be in Key West, Florida getting married on the 5th. :inlove:

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