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Just got off the line with Greg Lake. I don't form lucid memories when I do interviews, but we talked about the Bedouins he encountered while shooting the "I Believe In Father Christmas" video, and about recording Brain Salad Surgery so that it was fitted for live performance. :afro:

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My eighth grandbaby was born last night at 10 P.M.!

Rose Marjorie Weaver is my oldest daughter Paige's third child.

You may recall that 6 years ago I posted photos's of Paige and husband KC's wedding on this site. They have such a cool family! A 3 year old daughter, almost 2 year old boy and now Rose, who could not have done much better than to fall into the arms of these people. I'll have to hurry back to the states to get in on some of that lovin'.

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  • 4 weeks later...

You mean Giants Stadium where the Jets also play. Enjoy the show.

Yes, but now it is called Metlife Stadium.

Giants stadium was torn down a few years ago and Metlife Stadium was built right next to where Giants Stadium was.

Jon Bon Jovi still referred to it as Giants Stadium when he said it was good to be back there.

Thank you, Ron, we did enjoy the show. It was a great concert. Loved, loved, loved it! :rockon:

J. Geils band was the opening act.

We have a few photos that I will post soon.

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