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Good article, Shawna!

Thanks! But, ummmm... this one I didn't write. ;)

Our wonderful Greg Prato gets the credit here. And Blindfitter himself (Doug), since he answered the questions both in writing and on a recorded interview. Which makes it even more intriguing in my humble opinion... Doug's a very articulate guy. I'd read anything he wrote. Or discussed out loud. :)

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In case anyone was wondering, I'm still alive. Just been very busy.

Good news though: My wife, son and I are finally moving to our own place (sort of). To this point, we had been living with my parents. Now we're moving in with my grandmother to help take care of her. She lives in an old farmhouse (built in 1898) and we'll basically have the whole place to ourselves as she doesn't really leave her bedroom. Plus there's about 72 acres of land. So that'll be fun.

Also, side note: went through my grandmother's attic the other day and found a copy of Paradise Lost from 1882. Also found an Alfred Lord Tennyson book from 1881. Curious how much they're worth now. Who knows what treasures I'll find in that house.

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