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Can you guys recommend me some songs with a "sad story" in it?

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Eleanor Rigby-the Beatles

Alone Again Naturally-Gilbert O'Sullivan

Dead Man's Curve-Jan & Dean

Last Kiss-J Frank Wilson covered by Pearl Jam

Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton

And if you haven't jumped off a bridge yet:

Ode to Billie Joe-Bobbie Gentry

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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - the Band

Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean

He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

Leavin' On Your Mind - Patsy Cline

Louise - Bonnie Raitt

If You See Her, Say Hello - Bob Dylan

The Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley

My Way - Sinatra

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about two dozen or so Pearl Jam songs

(Black, Alive, Jeremy, Thin Air, Light Years, Dissident, Daughter, elderly Woman behind the Counter in a Small Town, Rearviewmirror, Parting Ways, Off He Goes or Better Man are the first that come to mind ;) )

also, the complete "Electro-Shock Blues" album by Eels is very sad... depressing really...

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Mr. Bojangles ~ The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Teen Angel ~ Mark Dinning

Leader of the Pack ~ The Shangri Las

These 3 and blusey's are all "story" songs.

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Obscure, but:

Little Bombardier

Words and music by David Bowie

War made him a soldier

Little Frankie Mear

Peace left him a loser

The little bombardier

Lines of worry appeared with age

Unskilled hands that knew no trade

Spent his time in the picture house

The little bombardier

Frankie drank his money

The little that he made

Told his woes to no man

Friendless, lonely days

Then one day, in the ABC

Four bright eyes gazed longingly

At the ice-cream in the hand of

The little bombardier

Sunshine entered our Frankie's days

Gone his worries, his hopeless maze

His life was fun and his heart was full of joy

Two young children had changed his aims

He gave them toffees and played their games

He brought them presents with every coin he made

Then two gentlemen called on him

Asked him for his name

Why was he friends with the children

Were they just a game?

Leave them alone or we'll get sore

We've had blokes like you in the station before

The hand of authority said "no more" to

The little bombardier

Packed his bags, his heart in pain

Wiped a tear and caught a train

Not to be seen in the town again

The little bombardier

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"Double Glazing" by Casper Hauser recounts the tale of an old guy who has been living alone since his wife had to go and live in a Care Home. The narrator is a visitor (possibly a family-member or neighbour) who has been unable gain entry to his house. The lyric describes his helplessness and regret as the paramedics break down the old fellow's door and try unsuccessfully to revive him. :(:(:(

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This song doesn't really tell a story, but it's a son dying of AIDS talking to his father:

The Last Song - Elton John

Yesterday you came to lift me up

As light as straw and brittle as a bird

Today I weigh less than a shadow on the wall

Just one more whisper of a voice unheard

Tomorrow leave the windows open

As fear grows please hold me in your arms

Wont you help me if you can to shake this anger

I need your gentle hands to keep me calm

`cause I never thought Id lose

I only thought Id win

I never dreamed Id feel

This fire beneath my skin

I cant believe you love me

I never thought youd come

I guess I misjudged love

Between a father and his son

Things we never said come together

The hidden truth no longer haunting me

Tonight we touched on the things that were never spoken

That kind of understanding sets me free

The original video is not on YouTube, but here's another video: click here

The song ends around 4 minutes into the video.

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The River ~ Bruce Springsteen, Bruce tells a very sad story in this song.

A Change Is Gonna Come ~ Sam Cooke, this is great song.

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be ~ Carly Simon, I learned to play this on the piano and it is so sad, the break up of a family.

I Gotta Get A Message To You ~ The Bee Gees, one of my fave songs of theirs, condemned man.

Anyone Who Had A Heart ~ Dionne Warick, I cry everytime I hear this song.

Gloomy Sunday ~ Billie Holiday, about death of someone you love, and she sings it with all the pain in her soul. Beautiful.

Independence Day ~ Martina McBride, about an abused wife and what it does to her, heartbreaking.

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"New York Mining Disaster 1941" - Bee Gees

(another sorrowful Bee Gees classic)

"Timothy" - The Buoys

(Also about a mining disaster, but in this one they have to resort to cannibalism. Poor Timothy. One of the best one-hit wonders of all time.)

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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