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  1. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    96 Tears-? & the Mysterians
  2. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    Circus-Britney Spears
  3. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

  4. cyberjudge

    Sing The Conversation IV

    You eat Cadillacs Lincolns too Mercuries and Subarus
  5. cyberjudge

    AT40 on i Heart

    For all my fellow Casey Kasem fans, iHeart radio now has a channel with classic American Top 40 rebroadcasts from the 70's and 80's. Today I listened to the show from 8/26/1978, famous not so much for its new #1 (Grease by Frankie Valli) as for a song that was not even in the top 40 that week, Casey's first "long distance dedication" (Desiree by Neil Diamond). And to think, I heard the original airing 37 years ago!
  6. cyberjudge

    Sing The Conversation IV

    Drink Scotch whisky all night long And die behind the wheel
  7. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    Loverboy-Mariah Carey
  8. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies
  9. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
  10. cyberjudge

    Word Association IV

    Urgent - Foreigner
  11. cyberjudge

    New category: songs that mention other songs

    Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'" refers to her preceding hit "All About that Bass": Boy, look at me in my face Tell me that you're not just about this Bass
  12. cyberjudge

    Alphabet Game (Non Music)

    People who really deserve a slap upside the head Armstrong, Lance Bush, George W. Clinton, Hillary (Bill, too) Dolce And Gabbana!!! E F Gore, Al Harper, Stephen I John, Elton Kardashians, all of them L Mo Howard Neeson, Liam O'Reilly, Bill Penn, Sean Q Reid, Harry Sharpton, Al T U Vick, Michael West, Kanye X Y Z
  13. And #5 is Rain on the Scarecrow by John Mellencamp
  14. Is #6 On Top of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer? I loved that song as a kid.
  15. #9 is The Flame by Cheap Trick