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  1. logan01

    Q. Lazarus Music

    Great work UtahRugbyGuy . Don't know how you did it; mighty glad you did. thank you, logan
  2. logan01

    Christmas Song

    Couldn't resist. Vince Vance and The Valiants - All I Want for Christmas is You
  3. logan01

    Christmas Song

    Cool little tune. Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8HehlaZG5Y
  4. logan01

    Need help with a song from a movie

    Hi there kayakgirl. Is this the tune? http://www.zshare.net/audio/6330764432026328/
  5. logan01

    Songs about magic!

    One of my favorites: Don't Answer Me by Alan Parsons Project
  6. logan01

    REAL Memorial Day Songs

    Here's a copy of the Bobby Vinton song Mr. Lonely (Letter to a Soldier). http://www.zshare.net/audio/57131778f67ce384/
  7. logan01

    REAL Memorial Day Songs

    Mr. Lonely by Bobby Vinton and The Curb Girls. It's a re-recording of Bobby Vinton's 1964 hit Mr. Lonely - his voice mixed with the voiceover of two separate little girls reading their letters. The first says "Dear Michael..........your little sister"; the second one says "Dear Daddy........your little one......PS today I lost another tooth" This was aired during Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990/1991). Pretty cool for those who haven't heard it.
  8. Carefully search this list and see if you can discover the mystery artist. Upon successful completion, please share your findings. http://www.coversproject.com/artists/A
  9. logan01

    Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

    Shows what I obviously don't know. You nailed it.What an appropriate title for the madness I've been through searching for this. Thank you very much logan You're right, excellent song. Great driving song.
  10. I believe it's from the 70's and is rock & roll. Perhaps Led Zeppelin. Very commomly played song on FM radio. For rock, it's pretty mild. The only part crystal clear to me is as the music proceeds, it comes to an abrupt stop for a second, then goes into what I can only describe as an "European" siren. By that, I mean not like the old sirens which were a continuous wail and not like the new sirens. This siren is continuous, changing from high pitch to low pitch. High Low High Low High Low. I believe that at the end of the last "Low" a guitar trails off from that point and the song continues it's merry way. I've searched for siren songs 'til I'm blue in the face. Though as I write this I realize what a pathetically sad description I have provided, it's all I can muster at the moment. thanks, logan
  11. I would like to see this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3DtaM8wLUE
  12. logan01

    Download YouTube videos

    I just use the FireFox add on "Download Helper. It also works well on myspace, imeem, ilike, etc. High speed whatever is a near must.
  13. logan01

    Christmas Song

    Anyone have a clue? Evidently, this was recorded from a radio station, KYNO 1300 in Fresno, California. Perhaps from the late 80s. http://www.yousendit.com/download/TTZuUWV1YStGR0ZMWEE9PQ Thanks, logan
  14. Land of a Thousand Dances? Substitute "na" for hey" and ............ Hey, Mrs. Robinson has a bunch of heys in it.
  15. Hard to top those, however, I prefer the cover by Red Hot Chili Peppers.