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The Songfactors Choice Top Ten #51


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Thanks, Darryl :)

I had forgotten all about "Eclipse" until I got addicted to youtube last night and found the video whilst trolling around.

And I, too, nominated Jessie's Girl quite a while ago... I know it got some votes, but I remember being surprised that it didn't make the Ten. :puppyeyes:

Of course, in my eyes, anything Rick Springfield does is... at least worthy of a look :googly:

I also found out that he's back on General Hospital! :cool:

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Hmm, it's getting quite a lot harder for me to think of what to nominate without getting back in to my constant cycle of renominations. Peaches even took one of my possible nominations, "Spoonman". I'll certainly vote for it. :)

The Importance Of Being Idle - Oasis

I Want It All - Queen

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