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Secret Language of Birthdays

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Well, that explains why the first sibling has had such an up-and-down life. Fortunately, her husband has the patience and understanding to support her various projects. I wonder if she would have been better off not going solo to school for a Phd.? (Yes, for a while, this separation threatened their relationship, but they're far more solid than other relatives who seemed to be smarter, "sexier," or more wealthy.) Retirement has not slowed her pursuit of projects to do, people to network with, etc.

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My fingers are fine! :grin:

I am training to be a court reporter, remember? Which will have me at a stenograph all day every day so I'd better not be a wimp when typing stuff.

Cowbell... I will be happy to do yours, and hopefully I can get to it today, but there's a lot going on... I may not be able to get to it until tomorrow. But I promise I'll do it! :)

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Mine was very true to who I am. God, this makes me sound like a beeyotch...I guess I am.

March 25th ~ The Day of Dynamism

Strengths: Energetic



Weaknesses: Highly Critical


Self Destructive

Many seem cut out to be leaders, but perhaps could better be described as pure loners or soloists.

They know their capabilities and are very aware of what they can and cannot do.

They also have a great need to seek peace when they are away from the hectic professional life in which they are so often cast.

Their private life is sacred to them.

Their partner not only has to be a real pal, but also has to be a “someone†who can balance their own energetic personality.

March 25 people often do not find their true partner until later in life, if at all.

A March 25 woman is extremely capable of looking after herself.

At times it seems that the energy of March 25 people is limitless, but in fact they can get run down and become irritable.

In this state, they take offense very easily and consider even the slightest sign of being ignored a personal affront to them.

March 25 people can throw tantrums or, even worse, be devastating in their cutting criticism.

They are faithful to those they love but in their own strange way can believe they are faithful even when not entirely committed or even monogamous.

March 25 people may display a measure of tact but are rather frank and also possessed of a quick temper that can land them in trouble.

Fortunately, they are easily forgiven, probably because their human qualities (and therefore faults) are so obvious and others know their heart is in the right place.

Key friends are essential to March 25 people, forming a kind of inner circle around them.

These close friends will be a protecting buffer, not only against the world’s criticism but also against self-destructive impulses.

Those in relationships with March 25 people must quickly learn to leave them completely alone in their assault on the world – to travel, to experience, even to love in their most independent manner.

Only when allowed freedom will they themselves give their love freely, both emotionally and physically.

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OK Shawna, how about mine:?

October 20

October 20th ~ The Day of Vogue

Strengths: Enthusiastic



Weaknesses: Stubborn



Those born on October 20 are very conscious of what is in and what is out at any given time. Often their influence is so great that they can even define certain social trends themselves, but just as often may find themselves at odds with the prevailing social standard or fashion. Their drive to be not only accepted but also influential in their social milieu is very strong. Therefore, in this arena rejection hits them hard, and setbacks, difficulties or delays can dampen their spirit.

October 20 people often lead a kind of double life where their career is a money-maker and their “hobby†is where they invest their creative energy. It is not at all uncommon for October 20 people to look very coldly on their principal profession, since romantically their heart takes them elsewhere. Perhaps this, in itself, is one of the main reasons for their success: objectivity and distance seem to work to their advantage.

October 20 people generally do well in the material world. They have a good feeling for money and finance, so much so that they can become obsessed with it. They are also extremely competent managers. Paradoxically, those born on this day are vulnerable to physical maladies. Thus, for many October 20 people poor health undermines their material plans by making it difficult for them to function. It seems that the weight of tangible concerns can be a recurring theme in their lives.

October 20 people are very hard-headed. Once they make up their minds about something it is hard to stop them from following through. Learning to admit mistakes is an extremely important step in their personal evolution. Fortunately, the October 20 rational capacity is highly developed (accompanied by emotional control) and thus they can be appealed to through reason. If one can show an October 20 person a better way to do something, really demonstrate it, then he/she will eventually adopt it (though probably not right away).

Personal appearance counts a lot to October 20 people. Matters of fashion, style and design are not superficial or trite in their eyes but an expression of individuality. Whether their profession involves these areas directly or not, those born on this day are highly aware of the impression they make on others. Indeed, October 20 people leave an indelible mark on their family, business associates and social circle.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldenschneider and Joost Elffers

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Shawna hon, would you mind doing mine? Pretty please? September 29. :)

September 29th ~ The Day of the Charged Reactor

Strengths: Technical



Weaknesses: Obsessive



Those born on September 29 fight an ongoing battle to maintain stability in their lives. At times they can feel that they are masters of the universe and at other moments not worthwhile at all. Such swings in their mood and self-image are most often due to an underlying lack of self-confidence. Many born on this day gravitate toward family situations where they can find stability for a period of time, but eventually move on, sometimes to a more isolated existence.

September 29 people are generally highly attractive and capable. Yet wherever they go, whatever they do, uncertainty and instability swirl around them. (They may, for example, have great difficulty staying with either the right career or partner for long.) Often they are like the eye of a hurricane, which although itself is calm, is surrounded by violence and turmoil. Though September 29 people can appear dispassionate to the world, they nonetheless arouse strong reactions in others, both good and bad. They must beware of accidents and antagonism which can come their way. In order to get a handle on this danger, September 29 people must sooner or later face the fact that it may be their own repressed emotions which call forth such disturbances. Thus self-understanding is an important commodity for them to cultivate as early in life as possible.

When September 29 people commit wholeheartedly to an organization, company or family situation, they can be invaluable to the success of the group’s endeavors. They have a talent for managing, which not only means structuring and coordinating activities, but also handling finances in a prudent and farsighted fashion.

Those born on this day, however, can oscillate between very intense and very relaxed behavior. They may also appear to be quiet and unassuming when all the while their crying need is to come out and reveal their talents and personality to the world in a truly extroverted fashion. In fact, unlocking their energies at a deep level can make for a splendid personal dynamism and rewarding financial endeavors if only this energy can be well directed.

September 29 people often manifest a technical interest in how things work. Usually their practical abilities are very high, yet they seem to have difficulty getting it together to start or complete a project. This is due to both their need to make extensive plans before beginning anything in the former case and their intense perfectionism, which ties them up in the execution of small details, in the latter. Others often wonder in amazement at how such naturally gifted and highly capable individuals manage to get sidetracked from their true goals and allow success to elude them. If, however, the unusual people born on this day can take the reigns of their career firmly in hand, without foundering or getting sidetracked, they are indeed capable of extraordinary achievements.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldenschneider and Joost Elffers

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Would you be able to to do September 22nd please? (my Mums birthday - I'll print it out for her)

September 22nd ~ The Day of Restless Drive

Strengths: Individual



Weaknesses: Acerbic



Those born on September 22 have a restless drive to begin all sorts of new projects. Usually they bring the one they are working on to completion but immediately set out on a new one without rest. They are also capable of handling several projects at the same time. Those born on this day have a low boredom threshold, and consequently demand challenging people and situations. They can be outgoing and dynamic types at one time, and solitary and unapproachable at another. In either case, their strong character is unmistakable.

Often September 22 people oscillate between an offensive and defensive posture. In one sense, such postures may be one and the same since a good offense is the best defense and vice-versa. Whether in a broad social context or on a personal level, the issues and ideas those born on this day are most often concerned with fairness and equality – in general, matters pertaining to the delegation and exercise of power. In putting forth their arguments, they can be very ironic, witty and outright funny. Their humor, however, is not for everyone as it is liable to be off-beat, sardonic, perhaps even macabre.

September 22 people can display a disturbing lack of stability. Although they may be involved in quite respectable professions, one often gets the idea that the profession itself, or whatever work they do in general, lends the consistency their lives so desperately need. Those born on this day can be at risk when their restless nature brings them into conflict with the powers that be. September 22 people think for themselves and will not tolerate others, particularly those of lesser intelligence, trying to tell them what to do. Thus, they must be careful not to arouse enemies and antagonize their colleagues.

Those born on September 22 can hide a warm heart under a forbidding exterior, but generally will only open up to people whom they deeply trust and value. Even they may find it difficult to open all the way, however, principally because their orientation is highly realistic and the ironies of life all too visible to them. This day, indeed, carries insight and clarity of vision both literal and figurative. September 22 people are excellent judges of character, and capable of sizing people up very quickly. Those few friends whom they allow into their inner sanctum they value most highly, usually for life. It is quite possible that one or even both parents, in exceptional cases, will fall into this category.

September 22 people can often have a greater effect on those around them than they realize, and indeed can register a high degree of shock value. Because of their often disturbing impact, they should seek to be more aware of their effect on others, both friends and foes alike. True warriors in the battle of life, they must take stock of their armaments and defenses, using them judiciously and effectively, and avoid isolating and alienating themselves from the daily world of human values.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldenschneider and Joost Elffers

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Hi Shawna...Nov. 7 for me. I definitely don't fit my astrological sign's description, so I'd like to see if this fits better.

November 7th ~ The Day of Discovery

Strengths: Curious



Weaknesses: Restless



Those born on November 7 are usually up for a new adventure. However, it is not just for kicks as far as they are concerned. The desire to explore, to investigate and ultimately to discover is their principal drive in life. Whether on a modest personal level or on a grand scale, they will bend all of their energies without compromise.

November 7 people are curious about everything around them, particularly when it comes to learning the techniques of their craft or occupation. They love to take things apart and put them back together again, to find out how they work, sometimes without having to receive instruction or read a book on the subject. In this respect they are life-long students, ever working to improve and, ultimately, to perfect what they do. But though November 7 people are open to experimentation and methods of trial and error, their standards can be very high, and they rarely give their full stamp of approval to an endeavor (whether their work or that of another) unless it has been done absolutely one hundred percent. For this reason they can be very difficult taskmasters.

Those born on this day do like to have fun, however, and indeed can be entertaining and charming. Unfortunately, they can sometimes mislead others, whether intentionally or not, for they only give their true affections to a very few people. Woe to any who mistake November 7 friendliness as a come-on. Particularly women born on this day often draw indelible boundaries around themselves past which it is dangerous to venture. Heartbreakers, it is a risky matter to fall in love with them. Both men and women born on November 7 are capable of ruthlessness in emotional matters and of severing their feelings when threatened or challenged to a power game. Yet for those who approach them honestly and openly they have little resistance, and in fact are quite gentle and affectionate.

November 7 people are challenge-oriented. Therefore, they are liable to suffer when they get stuck in a regular job, a stagnant family life or a redundant social routine. A large measure of their problems are self-created out of boredom and need for struggle. Those born on this day should therefore learn to set goals for themselves, personal goals which will advance them mentally and spiritually, and to have the self-discipline to work on them without admitting external distractions. Self-discovery, often ignored because of their outward direction in early life, should occupy a greater part of their time after the age of thirty-five. One problem, however, is that November 7 people have a tendency to get lazy as they get older, and dangerously complacent. The greatest peril in this respect is that their self-confidence may begin to sag and that they will begin having negative thoughts about themselves and their abilities. Thus they may unconsciously become their own worst enemy. More than with most people, it is crucial that they keep their spirits up and continue to see the world and their position in it positively.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldenschneider and Joost Elffers

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my brother's birthday is september 29th and what they say for that day is very accurate for him! luckily he has now managed to find that balance. he has found the career which uses his talents - as a viola player - and he's getting married in december after ten years with his girlfriend. he's a libra and sometimes the weighing scales do tip a little out of balance, but on the whole he's quite level :)

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One problem, however, is that November 7 people have a tendency to get lazy as they get older, and dangerously complacent.

I don't know about complacent, but I am lazy. If I let myself, I could spend all day on the couch.

The rest sort of fits, but I can't say that all of it describes me completely. It is true that I have absolutely no time for people who are fake in their attention or affections. Be real or be gone!

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