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Secret Language of Birthdays

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Shawna you are a star. Could you try July 21st for someone else on the board please? xoxox

July 21st ~ The Day of Tragicomic Controversy

Strengths: Daring



Weaknesses: Obsessive



Try as they may, those born on July 21 cannot stay out of trouble for very long. Somehow a storm is usually brewing around them, often one with tragicomic overtones. Surprisingly enough, this can be equally true of quiet people born on this day; they seem to get caught up in exciting or unpredictable happenings not of their doing. A more flamboyant July 21 person is, of course, more likely to be at least partly responsible for stirring up such excitement.

Opposing points of view are the specialty of those born on July 21, and they often present them with biting wit. Not only are they fine debaters but serve equally well as mediators, arbitrators and peacemakers, as their love of playing devil’s advocate trains them in seeing both sides of an issue. Since they are well accustomed to conflict, they may be right at home in stressful situations that would easily upset others; those born on this day have a fine sense of humor that usually sees them through. July 21 people may be subject to great mood swings within themselves yet can remain remarkably calm and unaffected by emotional disturbances in others. Nonetheless, explosive situations do attract them and hold their interest.

Performers born on this day love the excitement of appearing in public, and are essentially exhibitionists. Their performance stance is usually highly physical and robust. Yet, the more highly evolved person born on this day may ultimately forsake the physical for the spiritual. Less highly evolved July 21 people run the risk of drowning in pleasures of the flesh, and along with drink or drugs losing themselves in escapist activities or highly depressive ruminations. In extreme cases, those born on this day can be thrill-seeking, death-seeking or even suicidal.

Excitement of many sorts attracts July 21 people, but particularly excitement that involves some kind of strife. Thus war or war games, controversies, investigations, spy stories, detective thrillers, horror films or thrill rides often have a peculiar fascination for those born on this day.

A great danger for July 21 people is that they will allow such excitement to disrupt their lives and the lives of those around them. In a very few extreme cases, this can lead to social ostracism, but more often than not makes those born on this day popular in their social circle, since their presence in itself is often a guarantee of an interesting and fun time. July 21 people must, however, beware of disagreeing with too many “judgment calls,†both by the referees of life and by family or friends, since they may be pegged as lovers of argument and conflict for its own sake.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.

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Thank you so much for your efforts , Shawna ! Again , a highly accurate description that gives me a bit of an eerie feeling . I've read a few of others' readings as well , and have to smile that elements of some of their descriptions show themselves a bit in their postings here . :shocked: ;) Good books ! I may just order them now ...

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Those born on April 27 can usually be found working behind the scenes; generally they do not assume the leading role unless drafted or forced to do so.

I'm definitely not typical for my date of birth according to this! i *love* to be the centre of attention. seriously!

It is rare to find those born on this day preoccupied with a highly developed social life.

also definitely not me because i am very much a social creature!

Nor are they jealous of those who have greater popularity in the public eye or in the eyes of their family and friends.

not me either, i know i often get a case of the green-eyed monster and feel insecure when someone else seems to be more loved than me.

They feel it is they themselves who know best, only too well, whether they have succeeded or failed

this IS true - i am very self critical, in both a positive and negative way.

They may, however, push themselves too hard and because of a lack of emotional maturity or suppressed feelings allow destructive outbursts which can drive others away.

this can be true, mostly due to suppressed emotions. if i don't tell people exactly what i'm feeling and let it build up, it can sometimes get out of control and i will snap and say something i later regret. i have been working on this and getting better though!

i'd be interested to know if people have seen something of me in the analysis that i have missed though!!

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i'd be interested to know if people have seen something of me in the analysis that i have missed though!!

It's more reliable to ask someone who's close to you what they see in the description about you. Sometimes we're too close to ourselves to recognize it.

I submit, however, that my mom's birthday, April 30th (same as Elvy's) describes her only a little bit... certain things, but mostly I don't see her in it at all.

I do however see Brad in every aspect of his, and people who have read mine see me all over it, also.

By the way, Sue, I don't think these make anyone sound bad or good... it's all a matter of how it's interpreted. I know there's some things that I can definitely see where people would think it has a negative connotation, but that's not necessarily true... look at the flip side of that and you'll see where it can be a positive trait, also.

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i agree with what you saw about positives and negatives, shawna. i think most traits can have a positive effect if used in the right way. moderation in everything. it's funny that i'm a typical taurean in that the general traits of taureans match me down to the ground! maybe i was meant to be born on another day! i asked my brother about the being blunt to the point of rudeness thing, which i didn't think sounded like me at all. he said that on very rare occasions it can be true, but only with close family. i had a shaman reading a few years back and he told me i was a thrower - that i throw stuff when angry. i was like 'nooooooooooooooooo!' but when i asked a few friends, family and crucially the boy himself, they all said yes and reminded me of one or two occasions when i have thrown things - see, the fiery taurean temper!

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Shawna, you´re amazing!! :):) You should get a special title for this! ;)

Oh, you´ve got one already... well, thank you very much, you´re doing such a job!! I loved mine, it´s quite descriptive and I recognise myself in most of what it says, though I´m not unhappy at all... I´ll ask those around me to check! :laughing:

Thank you once again, we keep you busy, don´t we?? ;)

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Quite true...except for that weak health part. I have great pride in my immune system. But quite a lot of it was very scarily true. I tried seeing it from as objective a perspective as possible, without allowing myself to be swayed by any nice things said.

I agree veyr much with the humour/irony part. But I don't think the nasty temper applies. Impatience maybe...

And I really like the want-to-have-authority-but-can't-control-children part! That was good!

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i agree with what you saw about positives and negatives, shawna. i think most traits can have a positive effect if used in the right way.

A good example of this is mine: mine says "childlike" as a strength. I was quite insulted when I read this, thinking it meant that I was child-ish. When my friend Naomi read it, she told me no, it means that "you see things as a child sees them... in a very innocent and naive way, and you respond to things in that way." I liked that explanation much better. :grin:

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My birthday is 24th August, thankyou Shawna!

August 24th ~ The Day of Astute Examination

Strengths: Observant



Weaknesses: Overanalytical



Those born on August 24 have the urge to untangle mysteries that capture their interest. All the dark, misunderstood or uncharted areas of human knowledge attract them. Not only students of the human condition, those born on this day often pursue objective knowledge for its own sake, whether philosophical or scientific material or theoretical. Their never-ending quest for information and details which can help them make sense of life and enrich their world takes them far and wide.

Unraveling complexity is something that comes naturally to August 24 people. Puzzles of all types, paradoxes and riddles are their forte. To say that they themselves are sometimes difficult to follow is an understatement. They can practically disappear in a labyrinth of thoughts, a maze of intricate ideas. But though those born on this day may be difficult to pin down or understand, they themselves rarely feel lost.

Unfortunately, August 24 people are often unaware that they, in fact, are just as complex as the demands of their work, areas of investigation or creations; they generally see themselves as simple and direct. This can create problems for those intimately involved with them. Their family members, friends and lovers may often feel at a loss to fathom their motivations, true emotions and needs. Yet, when accused of obfuscation, complicating an issue or evading questions, August 24 people often react with bewilderment and denial.

In order to uncover the truth, it is possible that an August 24 person will not only dig into books and human character, but also literally dig into the earth, peer into the woods, search the skies and plumb the depths of the seas to explore the wonders of nature. On vacation, most August 24 people like nothing better than to explore something completely new to them. Their hobbies and perhaps their careers reflect this desire for discovery.

August 24 people can make good parents, so great is the interest they show in their children’s development. They must make an effort, however, to allow for the privacy and living space that every individual needs. This means that they must curb their tendency to overanalyze their children’s behavior and perhaps overstructure their lives.

August 24 people would do well to simplify their own lives as much as possible, and avoid much of the endless complexity which they not only discover but so often themselves create. They must also make an effort to cause a minimum of interference in the life around them; their relationships will markedly improve if they remember to sometimes leave friends and loved ones to their own devices.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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Feb. 11 for Britt!

February 11th ~ The Day of Improved Comfort

Strengths: Helpful



Weaknesses: Excessive



Many born on February 11 make a contribution toward improving the quality of life around them. Such improvements may be of a conceptual, inventive nature or of a distinctly hedonistic variety. In either case, the physical well-being of those close to them is likely to not only be looked after, but improved. The key concept for February 11 people is improvement, for they believe that things are never really as comfortable or efficient as they could be.

Although comforts and luxuries may result from their efforts, most February 11 people themselves are not hedonists. It is only the less highly evolved individuals born on this day who give themselves over to an unremitting pursuit of pleasure. This can actually work out quite well for a time, but inevitably spells disappointments, jealousies, possessiveness and pain. For more highly evolved February 11 people, improving the lot of others is a creative task which they pursue with great ardor and dedication.

In contributing to the quality of life (living standards, diet, entertainment) of others, February 11 people may not only wish to make life easier and more pleasant, but also more meaningful. Improvements of a practical nature may only be a means to allow more time and energy for intellectual, creative or spiritual concerns. Indeed, those born on this day are remarkable in that they are able to enjoy the pleasures of life without becoming mired in them or losing sight of what is most important.

Freedom is a central theme in the lives of February 11 people, particularly in regard to overcoming limitations. Transcending the limitations of their body, whether overcoming congenital or acquired handicaps or just shoring up their deficiencies, can be both challenging and rewarding for them. In fact, February 11 people hate to see themselves or others held back by any sort of disadvantage, whether physical, mental or financial. Unfortunately, in their desire to improve the lot of friends, family and acquaintances, they may demonstrate a better way of doing things with all the best intentions but wind up being resented for it.

Those born on February 11 can overlook the fact that most people prefer to be left alone to do things their own way, even if they make mistakes or do poorly. Certainly it can be difficult to watch foolish or stubborn people go on making the same errors or failing to take advantage of opportunities for improvement, but that is precisely what those born on this day will sometimes have to do. February 11 people who rise high in society can be regarded as mavericks and antagonize more reactionary spirits who are threatened by change and progress. Thus, in order to remain successful, they will need to cultivate a large measure of tact and diplomacy, and become more sensitive to those situations which are best left untouched.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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Would you be able to do August 14th and October 14th,

August 14th ~ The Day of the Mortal Mirror

Strengths: Observant



Weaknesses: Self-Unaware



Those born on August 14 hold up a mirror to the human condition, and are generally one of two types. The first type actually embodies the characteristics of their age – its style, philosophy, strengths and weaknesses. Usually these August 14 people are not particularly aware of what they represent nor are they interested in commenting on it. The second type is made up of those who comment and analyze, seeking to lay bare the foibles of their world, whether it be their own private circle or society at large.

Themes of reflection and revelation run through the lives of August 14 people. They often take leadership roles but almost always as guides or teachers (not necessarily formal instructors, but perhaps teachers through example or the sharing of experience). Usually those born on this day have little or no interest in ruling, dominating or dictating to others. Yet, paradoxically, exceptional people born on this day can come to dominate their field, and therefore be looked upon as leaders. Two areas which more highly evolved August 14 people are driven to ponder are those of personal integrity and mortality, as well as the ephemeral nature of all human experience.

Those August 14 people who are analysts of life around them usually understand the importance of humor in communicating their ideas, and the foolish, ironic and awkward aspects of human social life do not escape their penetrating gaze. In holding a mirror up to people (their family, friends, public, associates or employees) they allow others to see themselves as they really are. Sometimes such August 14 people use exaggeration and grotesquerie to attract attention or demonstrate their point. Others may react to their irreverence with delight, laughter or disgust but inevitably find that something insightful has been expressed. They may also be prompted to consider themselves in light of what has been said, and see if the shoe fits.

August 14 people who are not commentators but embodiers of the human condition very much wear their heart on their sleeve. They cannot really hide their faults or their problems. But though their struggles are painfully evident, they are perhaps representative of what many others are experiencing. Thus such August 14 people not only garner sympathy from those who empathize with them but also admiration from those who look to them for answers. Though this type of August 14 person may be lacking in self-awareness they are nonetheless in touch with the concerns of their age.

August 14 people are often drawn to relationships in which their mate becomes a mirror of their own inner self which it is naturally difficult for them to see. This animus or anima figure who is the object of their love is often a projection of their own best and worst traits, and in some cases an extreme personality in which one or two characteristics are dominant.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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Would you be able to do August 14th and October 14th,

October 14th ~ The Day of Moderation

Strengths: Measured



Weaknesses: Overly Cautious



Moderation is a recurrent theme in the lives of October 14 people. This is not to say that they are boring or even conservative people, but that navigating a path between the pitfalls of excessive behavior is indeed a great challenge. When those born on this day stray far from the straight and narrow, they most often court disaster. However, it is through such mistakes that they grow and learn to turn things to their advantage in the future. In a sense, October 14 people are in a bind: they are best suited for a moderate life, but if finely balanced and moderate in all things can deprive themselves of not only failure and emotional lows but also some of the ecstatic highs life has to offer.

More highly evolved October 14 people display a great deal of composure and reserve. Taking time in everything they do is extremely important to them and thus they hate to be rushed. Verbal facility is rarely their forte so it may be through the use of visual images, the written word, music, or perhaps leadership and personal example that they express themselves. The communication of knowledge, critiquing of others’ work and commenting on life in general are important outlets for their highly developed mental side. Those born on this day are less often physically oriented, and their physical nature of talents may lie dormant or at least make little impression. Discovering an awakened sexuality, having children, suffering a serious accident or illness or falling in love with a sport can bring these mental individuals down into their bodies in a kind of second incarnation.

October 14 people tend to rule the roost, but rarely in an aggressive or overt way, more often working behind the scenes as the power behind the throne. They are not overly attached by physical objects and material concerns, but their home itself is very important to them, often doubling as a workplace. In their personal life they can be quite content with a monogamous relationship, but must beware of the twin pitfalls of isolation and subservience to a more dominant personality (particularly true of women).

October 14 people are capable of lending great stability to the lives of their family, friends, colleagues and social group. They enjoy being part of the show, the theater of life, but more often function as managers rather than stars.

It is an interesting paradox that though, as mentioned above, October 14 people can be somewhat static personalities, the theme of travel so often figures prominently in their lives. Those born on this day very rarely spend their adult years where they grew up. For the more highly evolved of October 14 people, life’s travels not only signify physical movement but are symbolic of a freedom of spirit. Because of their stable and balanced traits, too many born on this day tend to be complacent, and stagnate. They must try to keep busy and set themselves high standards and monthly or yearly goals which must be met.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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March 19th, if it's not too much bother. :)

March 19th ~ The Day of Dogged Persistence

Strengths: Persuasive



Weaknesses: Unaware



Those born on March 19 have the dogged persistence needed to achieve their ends and know how to use their charm and allure to help them. These highly directed people are both dreamers and doers. They are able to translate their imaginative ideas into reality. Though assertive, March 19 people may not be the most self-aware individuals, and indeed a strong unreality factor may be at work here.

March 19 people are outwardly directed and intent on winning others over to their viewpoints. But what those born on this day may be attempting at times is to change external reality to conform to their inner picture of it. This may sound like a dubious proposition, but through their tenacity, those born on March 19 are surprisingly successful.

March 19 people possess very pure and childlike qualities. But though they are expansive types who sometimes give the impression that they are in another world, they are in fact forceful and businesslike. Thus they are a bit paradoxical in nature, and can appear to others as being alternately dreamy and firey.

Some March 19 people are explorers who break new ground and go where no one has dared to go before, but more often they are pragmatic individuals who proceed methodically. Whatever the nature of their undertakings, March 19 people usually move in a straight-line fashion, convinced that their principles are just – as a matter of fact they may even see themselves as reformers, putting everything right after years of neglect by others. Due to a lack of objectivity, however, they can well be headed off track or in the wrong direction.

It is indeed important that March 19 people chart their course with care, because once they are convinced they are on target they will want to follow through to the end. They are also extremely diligent and capable of operating on a personal level with little need for fanfare, reward or acclaim. They will doggedly pursue their goals, even though it may mean endless repetition of tasks. They never seem to tire of their own activities, perhaps at times even going at things too slowly. This thoroughness is one of their most basic attributes and usually guarantees a successful outcome to their ventures.

As hardnosed and hardworking as March 19 people can be, they must learn to be more realistic about who they are. Acquiring self-knowledge and an awareness of limitations is extremely important. Part of their development will inevitably include learning not to overreach. They must make an effort to keep their egoism and egotistical impulses under control. But adopting a modest attitude, they may prove to be still more successful in their efforts.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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Thank you for your efforts, I've been known to go off half-cocked in my youth, when I was certain of everything...but knew nothing. (Consequently, I check things out first.) As for the domestic front, I have a friend who keeps me at a distance. (She's student of the Bible, while I can't recall the last non-techie book I read.) Now where's that book on Investing Wisely in an Uncertain Market? :afro:

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