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Secret Language of Birthdays


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About 10 years ago, my brother got me a book for Christmas called "The Secret Language of Birthdays." It goes through every day of the year and lists what the person who was born on that day is probably like. It absolutely nailed me on the head, and my ex-husand all the way down to his alcoholism.

Anyway, I was just discussing this book with my co-worker and thought that it might be of interest to my SF friends. I will post my birthday, and Brad's (it nails him really accurately, also), and if anyone's interested in seeing what it says about your birthday, post your birthday - month and day only, not year - and I will be happy to transcribe it for you (I'm a fast typist, so it doesn't take a long time for me).

The book "The Secret Language of Birthdays" is by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, and I will credit them with every post and hope I'm not breaking any laws by doing this! :crazy:

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My birthday

June 29th ~ The Day of The Airborne Dreamer

Strengths: Lively



Weaknesses: Passive


June 29 people are filled with visions and their life’s purpose may well be making dreams come true. Thus they have an uncanny ability to find practical applications for their fantasies and in so doing share them with other people. Those born on this day are also highly sensitive to the desires of others and, like Santa Claus, may be expected to deliver. In this respect they are at once responsible providers and dreamers with their heads in the clouds.

Fortunately, an ability to come up with the funds they need to realize the success of their projects is characteristic of those born on this day. June 29 people most often display a thorough knowledge of technical matters in their given field, but they are not overly verbal people and, although eager to share, may find it difficult to communicate their methods to others. The quality of the products they produce, however, is plain for all to see and the ease with which they accomplish tasks may earn them a reputation as “magicians†with their superiors, colleagues or employees.

Above all else, June 29 people are seekers of the truth, and as such deflate phoniness of any sort, defy false authority and expose spurious endeavors. June 29 people hope that the ends they serve, once established and made real, will reveal the true nature of things, or at least manifest a high degree of integrity. Those born on this day are rarely doctrinarily religious people, for they accept little at face value without investigating it for themselves.

Air, breath, flying, singing and dancing are recurrent themes in the lives of June 29 people. Many born on this day have extremely lively, fun-loving and bubbly personalities. Sometimes falsely accused of superficiality, they don’t advertise their own underlying moral code. When a less highly evolved June 29 person inhibits the freedom or mobility of others, it is a particularly selfish act; such a double standard means that the June 29 person is free to fly, but that others are not.

Those born on this day often present a childlike demeanor to the world. In touch with the values of youth, they embody a certain innocence, charm and openness. Despite such an exterior, those born on this day are usually adept at making money (also at spending it) and establishing themselves in a competitive marketplace. Should they go far in this direction they must beware of becoming jaded or cynical. Though competitive, June 29 people make good partners and companions, preferring to share their lives with others rather than always putting their personal success first. Those born on this day are very generous in that they are truly happy when they are sharing their good fortune with others.

Taken from "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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Brad's Birthday

October 28th ~ The Day of Research

Strengths: Curious



Weaknesses: Prying



Those born on October 28 believe in being well prepared. Before they speak on a given subject or allow themselves to invest their time, money and energy in a career or business they generally make an effort to comprehend the complexities involved. In addition, research continues to aid them in their undertakings once they are on the rails. “Doing their homework†is a kind of compulsion for many born on this day who hate above all things the embarrassment of being caught unprepared. Their efforts can go to neurotic extremes, where they experience anxiety over meeting deadlines, arriving on time and maintaining control and order in their work.

October 28 people may get into trouble if they apply their own standards when judging others or placing demands on intimates. Learning to accept laughter and jokes abut themselves and their little foibles will be important to their maintaining good health. Most October 28 people make no distinction between their career and private lives; some, however, go to the opposite extreme and adopt a much more relaxed or even sloppy attitude at home. Perhaps the latter type are ultimately happier but certainly both types demand understanding from those who live with them.

Seeing what is behind phenomena, learning how things work, is extremely important to October 28 people. Their outlook in this respect tends to be very serious, indeed. As they see it, they are always working for the betterment of their fellow human beings. Paradoxically, however, they do not really care that much for people en masse, and may have an aversion for crowds.

October 28 people demand very high standards in personal relationships and friendships, but must be sensitive enough to allow others the chance to shape the terms of the interaction. They must also beware of being too stern and didactic with their own children in this respect.

Exposing the truth is a recurrent and central theme in the lives of October 28 people. Consequently, they may run the risk of becoming sarcastic and cutting (thus, unpopular). They must avoid prying or butting-in where they are not appreciated, and will benefit greatly if they make a conscious effort to cultivate diplomacy and learn to bring matters to people’s attention in a kinder and more considerate manner.

Generally those born on October 28 are good with money and intent on building a secure financial base for themselves. They understand both how to invest and how to save. The accumulation of power is important to them only, as they see it, to further their work and benefit their family, social group or perhaps mankind at large. However, they must beware of limiting the spontaneity of others, and of themselves, through rigidly exercised and controlling attitudes.

Taken from "The Secret Language of Birthays" by Gary Goldenschneider and Joost Elffers

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OK, I'll byte: December 28?

(My older sister was a Christmas Eve baby!) =:P

December 28th ~ The Day of Simple Sophistication

Strengths: Self-Assured



Weaknesses: Overconfident



Those born on December 28 are able to convey a solid, direct energy to their endeavors and do it in an elegant way. Their sophistication is based on an absolute assurance of who they are and what they can accomplish. Often they are able to build on a childhood background which, even if unexciting, gives them the stability they need to embark on a career and eventually form their own family unit. Indeed, those born on this day rarely forget their roots or make an effort to cover them up. Their earthiness is at once unassuming and empowering.

December 28 people are hard workers. Serious about what they do, they refuse to be sidetracked by frivolous pursuits. Although they do like to have fun, they know when to draw the line (usually at the point where their work begins to suffer). December 28 people have an abundance of energy, but usually have to concentrate it in one pursuit in order to be maximally effective. They suffer, as does their work, if they spread themselves too thin and try to take on too many projects. They must especially beware of overconfidence.

Another weakness of many December 28 people is an inability to deal with serious setbacks. Because they so often see their lives in clearly defined terms and feel that they have prepared for all eventualities, they may get bewildered and dejected when unexpected or repeated opposition arises to their plans. In the case of rivals, competitors or outright enemies, those born on December 28 may not give sufficient thought to the motivations of their opponent, concentrating on their own activity to the exclusion of all else. As regards friends, co-workers and family members, they may well figure the welfare of others into their success equation but miss the fact that some wish to tend to their own welfare personally, without any outside help.

Those born on this day must be extremely wary of creating the impression that they know better or have all the answers. Learning to allow others to shine, indeed demonstrating an interest in the outlook and opinions of others is crucial to their being well-liked. Being able to show need, and occasionally ask for help in simple terms, allows others to get close to them in a really human way.

Thus, much of what insures career success for December 28 people may work against them in their personal lives. Many people will be attracted to their competent and stable qualities, but perhaps for the wrong reasons, and those born on this day may wind up with partners who either admire them and serve them or envy them and drain their energy. Therefore, those December 28 people who find an equal partner with whom they can relate on an equal level are indeed blessed.

December 28 people like to be appreciated, like anyone else, and can suffer deeply if their better qualities go unnoticed. Learning to share common experiences, establish solid friendships and come down off their pedestal a bit by letting go of misplaced ideas about themselves can all contribute to making them feel more happy and loved.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.

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OK, I'll byte: December 28?

(My older sister was a Christmas Eve baby!) =:P

December 24th ~ The Day of Complex Emotions

Strengths: Visionary



Weaknesses: Distracted



Those born on December 24 cannot expect to have an easy life. Their joys, sorrows, rewards and disappointments are generally of a greater order of magnitude than those around them, who indeed may think that those born on this day put themselves through unnecessary stress and tribulations. From the point of view of emotions (particularly true of December 24 women), their involved, demanding and difficult interpersonal relationships can contribute an environment of uncertainty to their already complex lifestyles.

Though things rarely go easily for December 24 people, they somehow manage to keep their heads above water and even accomplish great things. (They are usually excellent at giving structure to their lives, for example in terms of order and neatness.) What career problems they have are usually related to their emotional nature, which can create difficulties with their superiors and colleagues. They are able to get along with people, and even win their respect, but nonetheless seem to arouse hidden animosities and encounter powerful enemies. What other people may dislike about them is their very forward way of critiquing a given situation or product, which at times can lack diplomacy and tact. The key to those born on this day improving themselves lies in recognizing certain patterns in their lives, studying them and resolving not to repeat those actions that didn’t work. Thus they will be able to better their fortunes and avoid landing themselves in a mess, which they naturally hate.

December 24 people often have psychic or intuitive abilities, and part of their problem is that they may see and already react to things which have not even occurred to others. Because of this, they must learn to cultivate patience and not get too quickly turned off and irritated. They have magnetic qualities that attract others to them (often sexually), but those who are drawn to them are not always the right people in a long-term constructive sense. Consequently, December 24 people may later have trouble breaking off attachments with those they have mistakenly encouraged at the outset.

Not infrequently there is a technical, specialized area in which December 24 people excel. If they can keep their nose to the grindstone, deal with the anxieties and depressions to which they are prone, not allow their emotional lives to intrude too much on their work and above all maintain faith in themselves and their aspirations, they will be highly successfully in their field. On the other hand, if they cannot maintain their objectivity and self-confidence they can flounder, sometimes for years. Without building a wall around themselves (which can happen), they must guard their independence and at the same time discharge their responsibilities.

December 24 people must learn how to deal with negative energy and upsetting circumstances. If they cannot cultivate a more optimistic outlook toward life, they may bring unhappiness on themselves, simply by expecting it. On the other hand, if they remain realistic but open to life’s possibilities, giving and taking in an easy fashion, they can ease difficulties and make life more pleasurable.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.

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I always try/read these , and have been largely in agreement with what I've been told , so far : April 19th ?

April 19th ~ The Day of Solid Control

Strengths: Controlled



Weaknesses: Overbearing



April 19 people attempt to exercise solid control over whatever they do. Although they often have star or pioneering qualities, these powerful people primarily exhibit endurance and earthiness. The concrete goals that they set may seem to others difficult to attain but to those born on this day will simply be a matter of course. Control, rather than leadership, is their principal focus.

The greatest joy of April 19 people is to build a well-grounded career, system or family setting which will have staying power. Indeed, all forms of power attract them, but the emphasis of this day is on being able to shape and polish raw materials into an organic and worthwhile product.

Thus producing objects, ideas or even children, is very important for April 19 people. In order for something to have meaning for them it has to actually exist, which often means that they create it themselves. They are also quite happy to work on improving someone else’s product, giving it a new slant or making it more attractive.

April 19 people are strongly attracted to powerful ideas and people. The danger is that in their admiration of others they may fail to fully develop the potential latent in themselves. Therefore, they do best when they discover early in life what it is they do best and stick to it; they then stand a good chance of rising to the top of their profession. If they can learn to listen to their associates and recognize as well as benefit from their mistakes, they will move forward. If not, they may get into a rut and be condemned to a life of dull tasks. To be open to change is extremely important for April 19th people, particularly in grabbing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which comes along, often in their twenties. They will think of every reason in the world not to take it, but if they miss the chance it may never come again.

In addition, if at the crossroads of their life, usually around age forty-two (or a bit earlier for women), April 19 people take the right turn they will bask in the radiance of happiness and success. If they take the wrong turn they may find themselves shut out and unappreciated, on a downward spiral. They must also beware of getting sidetracked by the lure of glitter and short-term monetary gains, thus losing sight of their ultimate goal which may demand denial and a letting go of attachments.

The key to those born on this day moving forward spiritually will be their resisting the desire to control every personal situation in which they find themselves. They must not rob another person (particularly a mate or child) of the right to make his or her own mistakes. A desire to shield and protect, born of good intentions, may prove to be a denial of experience for those close to them.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.

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Mine is Sept 4th

September 4th ~ The Day of The Builder

Strengths: Methodical



Weaknesses: Inflexible



The dominant theme in the lives of September 4 people is that of building. No matter what their career, family situation or social circle is, they are taken up with matters of structure, form, organization and putting things together to make them work. Although many September 4 people possess technical ability, it is more in envisioning and planning that those born on this day shine. Building systems, for example, that produce goods or supply services, in material or theoretical terms, is their forte. Pragmatic to the extreme, September 4 people believe that the true measure of methods is in results.

Because of their understanding of how systems function, those born on this day are also able to criticize, analyze and sometimes tear constructs apart to show when and where they do not work. Furthermore, September 4 people can often suggest practical solutions or improvements that really make a difference. Those less highly evolved September 4 people who have no desire to contribute to society can make excellent criminals, or at the very least people who know how to get around the system, since their knowledge of how the establishment works is generally thorough.

September 4 people are not fond of taking the long way around. They are most concerned with efficiency, and if in business to provide a product or service, they will make sure that their clients get their money’s worth. That life in general be successful and prosperous is important to them, as they could not view an enterprise which was run at a loss as anything but a disaster.

Of course, not all September 4 people are involved with building tangible structures or entities – but mostly all of the people born on this day are at work amassing, collecting or cultivating something. Whether September 4 people are building a career, reputation or a family “dynasty,†they generally establish themselves slowly and proceed measuredly, brick by brick.

Those born on this day believe that the old must be cleared to make way for the new; if faced with a structure based on an unfirm foundation, their impulse is generally to raze it and rebuild, not just to patch and paste. Others may not be so understanding of this attitude, themselves preferring to leave things be, no matter how rotten. But bad teeth, bad friends, bad marriages, bad buildings, bad ideas, even bad cars will all eventually suffer the same fate in the hands of September 4 people; indeed those born on this day are merciless when cutting away what they consider unhealthy for the entire organism, whether that organism be a human body, family or company.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.

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