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  1. I have to say that when grunge was really big, I didn't get into Soundgarden all that much, maybe because their sound was too "heavy" for me. After the whole grunge thing died down, I found a few songs that I really liked and was really impressed when I read that at the time Matt Cameron liked to mess around with time signatures, making their songs sound pretty unconventional. If I knew someone with a Soundgarden CD where I lived I'd be happy to take a listen to the whole thing in its entirety.
  2. I was just thinking of this yesterday. A movie of The Clash would be good, but who would the actors be?
  3. I really really like Rusty Cage. That is an amazing song!
  4. And I have to say also whenever I hear Creed's My Sacrifice it reminds me of a friend I had in high school. We drifted apart through no one's fault but time and if I ever got a hold of his email addy or postal address I'd send the song to him. Check that one out too.
  5. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice sounds an awful lot like Under Pressure by Queen!
  6. It's obvious. It's cheesy. How about "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrandts and "That's What Friends Are For" by Elton John, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder (I think that is all of them).
  7. Booooo! A band I can't stand. Hmmm...Starship. Styx. Definitely Styx. Journey's cheesy but I will sing them in karaoke. That's my true test of whether I like a band or not.
  8. Has anyone else seen this? Link What do you think? Looks cool anyways.
  9. Has anyoe mentioned Ned's Atomic Dustbin yet? I had a very soft spot for "Grey Cells Green." Also in that same vein, Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now" Material Issue "Diane". There was Liz Phair with Supernova, Local H had a good song with "Copacetic (Bound for the Ground)" Harvey Danger had a good song called "Flagpole Sitta," Primus had "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver..." there are tons I am remembering but I wonder if I am hitting the mark for you or completely missing it!
  10. I remember back in high school or university I wouldn't shut up about Sebadoh and made (well, not made...highly encouraged) a friend to listen to them, and she got hooked. I thought that was cool.
  11. On my iPod, I have Ladybugs' Picnic. Until recently, it was one of my more popular songs.
  12. Someone on Popwatch (Entertainment Weekly's blog) suggested that Samuel Jackson take over the voice of Chef. What do you think? (Personally I bet they'll pull something where Chef gets abducted by aliens or Thetans or whatever...)
  13. That's nothing! I think I have you beat! One of my first ever career ehm, ambitions (??) was to be a Solid Gold Dancer. I thought they were really cool. Yeah, I was probably about 7. Heh.
  14. Has she recently married or is she still engaged? That would certainly take top priority I think in any recording artist's life.
  15. Of course mine have too, but I just can't help having that soft spot for Duran Duran. Ha ha. I remember when I got a bit older I would consider the "Holy Trinity" to consist of U2, R.E.M. and the Beatles, but yeah, Duran Duran did it for me. I always loved music after that, even if I did end up gravitating more toward grunge and like guitar driven (not synth-pop) rock now.
  16. Can you remember being younger and hearing that song for the first time, the one that somehow got you onto the path of musical obsession? (I'm not talking about the band itself, just a song that caused you to sit up and tak notice of that great thing called Pop Music. For me, this question occured to me when I was listening to my iPod set to shuffle and The Reflex by Duran Duran came on. I have never forgotten how cool I thought that video was when it first came out, and I think I must have ben about 7 years old. They were really exciting for me back then (hey, I *was* seven!) and my first ever pop star crush was on John Taylor. Heh. (And I still have a soft spot for him for that very reason.) So what were yours? I'm sure there'll be a lot of "Beatles on Ed Sullivan!" but anything else more unorthodox? That'd be cool to hear about!
  17. That's horrible! I mean, it IS Bruce Springsteen, and even if yu don't like the music on the album, you have to like how ambitious the concept of this album is. I know it's a covers album, but Bruce Springsteen isn't one to phone things in, and it's a bit of a departure for him, I think.
  18. How about Let it Be by The Replacements? Has that been mentioned yet? I love how the album was in the middle of the career, and they got all the overly rough edges out of the way, and hadn't become completely too polished yet (I do have to say I thought "Don't Tell A Soul, even with "I'll Be You" was a bit of a disappointment.) and it has the greatest song ever, I Will Dare on it...I mean, if I wanted to have a flashback moment, I would be standing outside my crush's window, trenchcoat on, boombox raised overhead, and THAT song would be playing. And then it flips the mood and has one of the greatest songs about loneliness on there, Answering Machine. You really want to talk to someone, make a connection with them, and you get their answering machine. It totally takes the wind out of your sails, for whatever you want to say. And I love Seen Your Video, if only for the 2 second Alan Hunter audio clip. "Favorite Thing" is a great rocker, and I love how it can't help but be an ambivalent love song: "You're my favorite thing...once in a while!" The Replacements, with this album perfectly blended punk and pop without selling out. More people need to know about this album.
  19. Boomerang by U2 and Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group.
  20. Ihad been told about them by a somewhat hip friend and had read all about them in Mojo, and it sounded to me like they were the next big thing ever, but I had a look at one of their videos...I forget which one it was, honestly, and it was all right. I liked the music, might check out their album, but for all the talk, I was expecting to fall off my chair like I did when I heard The White Stripes for the first time.
  21. Hollywood Nights! Good one! I had forgotten how much I loved "Santa Monica" when it first came out. (By the way I am totally ignoring the fact that most of these songs share the whole "Going to California for a better life to chase my dreams and wind up fasiling miserably and becoming jaded in the process" storyline.)
  22. OK this is what I have so far, in order to save repetition. (Also I have to sheepishly say as well that I am looking for songs about Southern California, some sort of landmark or city or something.) Going Back To Cali LL Cool J California Phantom Planet Hotel California Eagles California Uber Alles Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Free Fallin' Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (for its mention of Mulholland, Reseda, Ventura Boulevard, etc.) Malibu Hole Drinking in L.A. Bran Van 3000 Santa Monica Everclear Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers California Uber Alles Dead Kennedys California Dreamin' The Mamas & The Papas California Love Tupac and Dr. Dre It Never Rains In Southern California Albert Hammond L.A. Woman The Doors Losing California Sloan Walking In L.A. Missing Persons I Left My Wallet In El Segundo A Tribe Called Quest Going To California Led Zeppelin I Love L.A. Randy Newman I think it's a pretty good mix so far.
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