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  1. great poem!! I'd be honored to use it. Thank you!
  2. "In My Life" was actually one I had picked out great tune!
  3. I'm making a cd for a good friend...need a few more songs to fill it up. Can you help me think of good friend tunes--not too mushy. I'm a married woman, he is a good friend I had b4 I married so no romance type songs. Thanks in advance for the help!!
  4. Was Spinning Wheel by BST mentioned yet? How about Dance Into The Light by Phil Collins?
  5. I'm really looking forward to x-mas...I just hope my crappy sister-in-law doesn't get my name...we make lists of things we would like but then she never gets me what i put on the list!!!
  6. Ok, back to more concerts..... Kiss (multiple times--w/Ted Nugent/Aerosmith)--WOW..what a show! Love the explosions and fire--I took my nephew to his first concert which was KISS w/Nug...Nug was a pig--not an appropriate show for all of the parents who brought their kids..KISS was VERY family friendly. Aerosmith (multiple times--Good rock show!! Bad Company-Paul Rogers' voice is KILLER!! Great Jam show! The Sam & Dave show--Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth--Total Guy show...Sammy had the babes in bikini's on stage doing shots, Dave was his usual piggish self--swinging his mike
  7. Unfortunately, I do not have YET. It will go on my Christmas list along with the new John Lennon Book by Cynthia Lennon and the Cream Reunion
  8. Bella....Glad to know I'm not the only one who can't turn "Grease" off!! One of my all-time faves!!
  9. Gosh, where to start.....I've been fortunate enough to see HUNDREDS of shows. I'll name some and am sure I'll be back again to post more. Let me know if you've seen any of these.... (recently...) WILLIE NELSON (multiple times)--what an icon! I just love him!! He is acutally my first "musical memory". Our beautiful town hosts (I believe) The World's Largest Music festival and I remember being dragged to see him by my parents as a small child. DOLLY PARTON- She couldn't be any cuter!! Her voice is so pure and beautiful after all these years. TOM PETTY (multiple times)--W
  10. I'm sure these have all been said already...they are great! Shawshank Redemption When Harry Met Sally My Cousin Vinny
  11. Same 'ol song and dance the night away Aerosmith/Van Halen
  12. All bands I could not recognize one song from??
  13. Oh My God, You NEED "Boston/Boston". Every tune is a jam! -More than a feeling -Peace of Mind -Foreplay/Long Time -Rock & Roll Band -Smokin' -Hitch a ride -Something about you -Let me take you home tonight Some other good ones are.. Don't look back Cool the engines Can'tcha Say Enjoy!!
  14. Tom Petty is INCREDIBLE in concert!! Seems like he's having a blast every show. Very cool with the crowd too. Barry Manilow say what you will...he is the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER! Even if you hate him, open your mind, go to a show...you will LOVE it. Always a class act with great stories and interaction with the audience. His voice is flawless after all these years and singing those great notes seems effortless. Dolly Parton The Queen of Cute! Her stories and interaction with the crowd along with her flawless voice are enough to bring a tear to your eye. Sammy Haggar Saw him with
  15. I go to alot of concerts and am amazed at how performers either seem like they REALLY want to be there and are having a great time doing what they love to do and others that play/perform and basically say "Hello (your town name here)" and that is all the interaction they have with the crowd. Their performance seems mechanical. What performers have you seen in concert that seem like they are really happy to be playing, put 110% into their performance and seem grateful to their fans for their support?
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