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Secret Language of Birthdays

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Shawna , if you're still doing these , and don't mind , could you do Apr .22 for me , please ? I'll print it out and give to my wife as a cheapskate Valentine's present ! :laughing: Talk about your romantic gestures , eh ?! ;)

April 22nd ~ The Day of Established Presence

Strengths: Organized

Down To Earth


Weaknesses: Difficult


April 22 people are active in setting up and establishing not only systems of ideas but also actual physical establishments as well. To organize and supervise the running of a family, a restaurant, a school or any other social unit is their forte. Paradoxically, they are not particularly social people at all, but more often loners. Many are quiet people who do not really like drawing attention to themselves; they know the secret of how to work hard in a relaxed way. Yet the enormous talent they have for organizing social functions of all kinds is present in them and sooner or later comes out. Even if this talent is not expressed professionally but only in supervising family functions, giving birthday or anniversary parties from time to time, or the like, those born on this day will nonetheless find these occasions rewarding and stimulating.

But it would be a waste for April 22 people not to put their talents to use in the commercial sphere as well. Sometimes their organizational skills are frustrated by the people for whom they are forced to work. For example, they may be called upon to set up and run a company owned by someone else. After doing an excellent job they find that the owner is overcritical or would rather have done things his/her own way. This can lead to discouragement and depression, or an ultimate resignation from the position. On the other side, April 22 people usually have few problems with co-workers; those who work under them respect both their powerful, down-to-earth approach and human qualities. Whether big in frame or not, their imposing physical presence is often an important reason for their success.

The greatest challenge for April 22 people is to control power urges. The most advanced people born on this day are modest and humble about their abilities; the less highly evolved can be overbearing power-trippers, or unkind and obscure in their manner toward others. What April 22 people should always aim for is an equitable and just use of their commanding qualities. Although they can be fascinated with money and with financially powerful people, they should not adopt wholesale the values of those they admire but rather study their technique in order to learn from them, rejecting those methods which are inconsonant with constructive social values.

Having established a family, business, or organization, an April 22 person will ask after a period of time whether it is growing, developing or living up to his/her ideals. Because of this awareness, it can be a great challenge for April 22 people to decide whether to continue with a project along similar lines, to change it in certain important respects or to abandon it in favor of a more rewarding or meaningful endeavor. Knowing when to quit (and how to quit) is not easy for April 22 people and can cause them mental anguish and anxiety; in this they should heed their inner voice. In addition, it is essential that April 22 people develop their spiritual side, particularly to avoid enslavement to materialistic values.

Taken from “The Secret Language of Birthdays†by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

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