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Your Strangest Music


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What is the strangest music you have on your computer or own. It may just be that it is completely random or different to the other 99% of your music, or that it is just really wierd, whatever.

I've been going through the music on my computer today and I happen to have a clubbing version of "I Will Survive" and the I Dream of Genie themesong, Into The Groove by Madonna, Cabaret, a Grease medley and the entire Labyrinth soundtrack(the last two probably aren't as strange as the rest, if you know me).

So what do you all have?

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A cd by a band called "Dread Zeppelin". Led Zeppelin music, done in a reggae style, with an Elvis impersonator as a vocalist. No way it gets weirder than that. The singers name is Torte Elvis. You haven't heard "Black Dog" until you've heard it Dread style.....


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I've got that version of 'I Got You Babe', it is an interesting combination but I do like it. Supposed to be very rare.

The 1980 Floor Show was shown on TV back in the '70's on "In Concert" or "The Midnight Special". I snuck into NYC against my parents wishes (again) and saw The 1980 Floor Show live. It was great.

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I guess I like a lot of "strange" music.

Here's a song I heard on the radio, I quite liked it:

Little Yellow Spider - Devandra Banhart

Little yellow spider laughing at the snow

Well maybe that spider knows something that I don't know

Cuz I'm goddamn cold

Little white monkey staring at the sand

Maybe that monkey figured out something I couldn't understand

Who knows

Well I came upon a dancing crab and I stopped to watch it shake, I said,

'Dance for me just one more time before ya hibernate,

and ya come out a crab cake'

And hey there little snapping turtle, snapping at a shell

Oh there's mysteries inside I know

But what they are I just can't tell for sure

And hey there little baby crow, you're looking kind of mean

I think I oughta split before ya start letting off your spleen

For sure

And hey there little sexy pig, you mated with a man

And now you've got a little kid

With hooves instead of hands

And oh all of the animals, all of the animals

And hey there little mockingbird, they sing about you in songs

'Oh where ya been? Have ya broke a wing?'

I haven't heard ya in so long

And hey there little albatross, swimming in the air

'Aw, hey ya know I can't fly and I

Think we really oughta play fair'

And hey there mister happy squid, you move so psychedelically

You hypnotize with your magic dance all the animals in the sea

For sure

And oh all of the animals, all the animals

And hey there Mr. Morning Sun, what kind of creature are you

I can't stare, but I know you're there

Goddamn, how I wish I knew

And hey there Mrs. Lovely Moon, you're lonely and you're blue

It's kind of strange the way you change

But then again we all do, too.

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I got ten songs by Goldie Lookin Chain, a group of drug addicted Welsh rappers. Funny stuff.

Congratulations TallOne, you must be the hippest dude on your block... :thumbsup:

Goldie Looking Chain are quite strange and fairly amusing. I doubt very much any of them are drug addicts at all, apart from probably smoking a fair bit of weed. They are a bit of a "spoof" band, satirising rap culture, or more specifically, what's known over here as "chav" culture. I'm not sure if the rest of the world is familiar with "chav" yet? Anybody else care to explain?

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Yeah they are definentaly a satire on rap, and some of there songs, however stupid, are very witty. I'm suprised other people have heard of them. I think that they are semi addicts however(listen to Soapbar, an ode to the drug, and many other songs all but worship drugs). How did people hear of these guys?

Edit: Didn't see you were from the UK. Think most Americans are unfamiliar.

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How about Barber of Seville from Largo Al Factotum? Ya know, that itallian (opera, I believe) that's famous for the line "Figaro"? Yeah, that probably is the farthest I have off from my normal stuff, but when you go from Metal to Piano to a musical, there's not much that's not normal. Also, my friend will be burning me some Israeli songs, mostly rap. We'll be the coolest hebrew-rapping jews on the block.

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