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  1. ryenzio1

    Underrated Beatles songs

    to name a few... For No One (Revolver) If I Needed Someone (Rubber Soul) Only a Northern Song (Yellow Submarine) Here, There and Everywhere (Revolver) You never Give Me Your Money (Abbey Road)
  2. ryenzio1

    Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever..

    David Gilmour-Comfortably Numb George Harrison-Something Jimi Hendrix-Machine Gun I know those were already posted, but they are amazing solos... Also, Keith Richards-Sympathy for the Devil Alex Lifeson-Working Man Neil Young-Like A Hurricane
  3. ryenzio1

    In my pants!

    Wish You Were Here In My Pants Hey You In My Pants Wild Horses in My Pants What is and What Should Never Be In My Pants
  4. ryenzio1

    Alphabetical Artists game

    The Kinks The Ocean
  5. ryenzio1

    Favorite solo Beatle tune

    John: Instant Karma Paul: Maybe I'm Amazed George: Got My Mind Set On You Ringo: It Don't Come Easy
  6. ryenzio1

    Top 10 Beatles Songs

    this is hard... i'm not going to put them in order... Something I Saw Her Standing There Michelle In My Life A Day in the Life Strawberry Fields Forever Here Comes the Sun The End For No One Hey Jude
  7. ryenzio1

    Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs

    (Not in any order) Revolution 9 Wild Honey pie You Know my Name Within You Without You The Inner Light Act Naturally The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill Why Don't We Do It in the Road Across the Universe (the Let it Be Naked version is wonderful, but the Past Masters 2 version with all the animal sounds just doesnt work for me.) Dig A Pony
  8. ryenzio1

    Your Strangest Music

    probably the strangest i have is Maggot Brain by Funkadelic or Wild Honey Pie by the Beatles.
  9. ryenzio1

    Favourite The Who Song?

    My Generation or Behind Blue Eyes...
  10. ryenzio1

    What did you get for Christmas?

    oops... i forgot the pink floyd boxers
  11. ryenzio1

    What did you get for Christmas?

    an iPod... all a music lover needs.
  12. ryenzio1

    Remembering John Lennon

    that is a really amazing picture...
  13. ryenzio1

    Need some suggestions...

    Also Aqualung and Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull
  14. ryenzio1

    Need some suggestions...

    check out these albums: Abbey Road-The Beatles Rubber Soul-The Beatles Rocks-Aerosmith Led Zeppelin III Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon Truth-Jeff Beck Every Picture Tells A Story-Rod Stewart
  15. ryenzio1

    Most Inexplicably Over-rated Bands

    I've never really been a fan of the Grateful Dead either, But the Beatles? Led Zeppelin? Come On.