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In my pants!


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If I may add to your list...May I?

I Saw Three Ships in my pants

My Favorite Things in my pants

O Come, O Come Emmanuel in my pants

Bring A Torch Jeannette, Isabelle in my pants

Go Tell It On The Mountain in my pants

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas in my pants

Silver Bells in my pants

All I Want For Christmas Is You in my pants

Do They Know It's Christmas in my pants

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Did they change the thread while I wasn't looking? I haven't got any Christmas ones, so these'll have to do...

"Drip Drip Drip in my pants" (Chumbawamba)

"Fight For Your Right To Party in my pants" (Beastie Boys)

"Mama Told Me Not To Come In my Pants" (Three Dog Night)

"Where's Captain Kirk? In my Pants" (Spizzenergi)

"Party Till You Puke in My Pants" (Whatever His Name was)

"There's A kind of Hush in my Pants" (Carpenters)

"Place Your Hands in my Pants" (Reef)

"Bushfire in my pants" (B52s)

"The Magnificent Seven in my pants" (The Clash)

"Is Vic There in my pants?" (Department S)

"Release The Bats in my pants" (The Birthday Party)

"Let's Spend The Night Together in my pants" (Rolling Stones)

"Tower of Strength in my pants" (The Mission)

"She Moves In Mysterious Ways in my pants" (U2)

"Two Out of Three Aint Bad in my pants" (Meatloaf)

"Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles in my pants" (Discharge)

and,..severely risking accusations of homo-erotic flirtation here...

"Johnny Was in my pants" (Stiff Little Fingers or Bob Marley)

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"Good Thing in my pants" - Fine Young Cannibals

"(If you want it, here it is) Come And Get It in my pants" - Badfinger

"The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight in my pants" - REM

"So Long in my pants" - The Kinks

"Thick As A Brick in my pants" - Jethro Tull

"Big Fat Funky Booty in my pants" - Spin Doctors

"Rock This Joint in my pants" - Charlie Daniels Band

"She's Goin' Down in my pants" - The Nazz

"Dirty Sanchez in my pants" - The Burden Brothers

"(Ooh) That Smell in my pants" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester:

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Beat It In My Pants(Michael Jackson)

You're Beautiful In My Pants(James Blunt)

Estimated Prophet In My Pants(Grateful Dead)

I Like Chinese In My Pants (Monty Python)

Mr. Brightside In My Pants (The Killers)

Have A Cigar In My Pants (Pink Floyd)

Black Dog In My Pants (Ouch! Pink Floyd)

Baba O' Reily In My Pants (The Who)

Yes some are a stretch but still kind of funny

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AC/DC tunes that work well:

Touch Too Much in my pants

Squealer in my pants

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in my pants

Whole Lotta Rosie in my pants

Have A Drink On Me in my pants

You Shook Me All Night Long in my pants

TNT in my pants

Ride On in my pants

Love At First Feel in my pants

I could go on forever :laughing:

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The Air That I Breathe In My Pants

Who' Stop The Rain In My Pants

Long Cool Woman In My Pants

Summer Breeze In My Pants

Get Together In My Pants

Here Comes My Baby In My Pants

Teach Your Children In My Pants

Peggy Sue Got Married In My Pants

I Got A Woman In My Pants

Where Were You When I Needed You In My Pants

Catch The Wind In My Pants

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