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Every time I hear "Six Months in A Leaky Boat", I think of you.

I guess I'm lucky she's in daycare and I'm at work all day. We only watch the DVD twice a day instead of all day. I guess I only have myself to blame. She got it for Christmas and I've been trying to persuade her to watch it ever since. Be careful what you wish for!

Her favorites are "Blow Me Down" and that one song they sing with Slim Dusty.

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I'd love to have a dance with Dorothy

I'd love to have a dance with Dot

She can do something something....

She can even do the romp-bomp-a-chomp.

Kill me now. Hey, it's better than Elmo. I guess...Ella stopped watching it for months, and now we crave it.

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She only likes that song because she thinks it's funny when Slim Dusty "falls off the barn".

Yes, I was persuading her to watch it when she was requesting "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland" for the 1,000th time. At least that one I could limit to once a day.

It's OK...we were getting Elmo saturation for a while, so I guess a week or two of this will be fine. She actually dances and makes her own lyrics to the opening song "In the Wiggles World"...it's really cute.

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There's this absolutely hateful song out just now called "Acceptable In The Eighties" by some turd name of Calvin Harris.

I don't know if it's an international phenomenon yet, but I imagine it's probably going to be. It purports to target those who "were born in the eighties", and features, (surprise, surprise), all the squawky squiggly hallmarks of the most despicable pop spewed out in that almost unerringly taste-free decade.

It's probably meant to be "ironic".

I wish it would sod off and leave me alone.

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