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I know I like the rhythm and the way it keeps switching from melodic singing to power-ballad. One of the first tunes that I learned to drum to, so that probably explains alot for me. :grin:

As for you... it doesn't matter! One of the greatest rock songs! :rockon:

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I worked with a lady named Rita, and I wanted to call her Lovely Rita, Meter Maid every time I saw her. She wasn't very nice, so I never tried.

it must a bit of a pain to have a name that's been in a really famous song like that! i suppose it would be okay if it's a cool song, like 'layla' or 'alison' or 'polly' or 'sexy sadie'. but what if you're not so lucky and it's something totally naff like 'mandy' or 'cecilia'. i'm always singing 'michelle' to my sister-in-law, she doesn't seem to mind!

there are two songs called 'gisela', one by a rubbishy spanish popstar and one by a german heavy metal band - thankfully neither have become in any way well known amongst people i know!

funnily enough, i woke up today with 'rosanna' in my head. i like that name!

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