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Random Music Thoughts V

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So, on Thursday I listened to Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive (from the end credits of the game 'Portal') for the first time in ages and then on Friday this song is actually referenced on xkcd ("you're doing science, and you're still alive")

and as if that wasn't coincidence enough, tonight a friend on IRC brought up the song as well - without knowing that I listened to it and without having read the comic

:shocked: of the week, I guess

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I was listening to the radio on the way to work, The Springsteen channel on SiriusXM with a guest DJ, can't remember who, but he talked about when you go to a concert there is a song that is your emotional pocket that night...the one that brings the tears to your eyes. Then you can see the same artist again and it will be a different song on that night to hit your emotional pocket. Which is so true depending on what is happening in your life. Emotional pocket, going to remember that one. Cool!

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When I saw Kiss it was Beth that got me all choked up. Seeing Peter Criss up there behind a baby grand pouring his heart out really hit me. I always liked the song, but didn't expect it to affect me the way it did. I also had no idea that Criss could play the piano so that was a nice surprise. :pianist:

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This has to be the only list in history where The Beatles come in at #18.

Yeah, unless you would order it after scrobbles instead of listeners...

comparing The Beatles with the Black Eyed Peas:


2,950,079 vs 2,875,079

(75k difference)


394,092,506 vs 60,951,237

(334 mio(!) difference)

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