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Oasis are touring Canada in September :o

26 August, 2008: Seattle, United States

27 August, 2008: Vancouver, Canada

29 August, 2008: Edmonton, Canada

30 August, 2008: Calgary, Canada

1 September, 2008: Winnipeg, Canada

4 September, 2008: Ottawa, Canada

7 September, 2008: Toronto, Canada

The tour that'll follow is the single most thing I'm looking forward to in the next... few years, music-wise, so they'd better not disappoint me and play somewhere near me :rockon:

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I do have a life outside of music
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Today's daily top 10:

#1 Moist Vagina - Nirvana

#2 Penis Song - Monty Python

#3 Party On Your Pussy - Red Hot Chili Peppers

#4 The Jack - AC/DC

#5 Helmet In The Bush - KoRn

#6 My Ding-a-Ling - Chuck Berry

#7 I Want Your Sex - George Michael

#8 Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin

#9 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

#10 A Day In The Life - The Beatles

Does somebody think we're a porn site? :laughing:

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James and support acts (off Wiki)

A somewhat dubious honour that can be attributed to James is that many of their support acts went on to find great success of their own, eclipsing that of James themselves. In 1988 they were supported by The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays (James went on to support the Happy Mondays only two years later). Nirvana was the support act for a show in 1991 - only a month later, Nevermind reached number one in the Billboard Album Charts. For their 1993 tour, Radiohead was the support.

As if that wasn't bad enough :P

After James' hiatus, the trend continued. Third Eye Blind supported in 1997; The Corrs and Stereophonics in 1998; Supergrass and Doves in 1999. In 2000 they were supported by Coldplay: a month later their breakthrough single "Yellow" was released; a month after that their debut album Parachutes went to #1 in the UK album chart.


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