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Random Music Thoughts V


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Great find Blues.

My random thought today:

Imagine you rank the greatest of all time:

Lead Singers


Bass Players


Now, you find the group that is made up with members with your highest rankings.

My winner would be The Who. Every one of their members would be in my top 15 at their position, and their drummer would probably be #1.

Yes Carl, that site is dynamite.

Robert Plant - not many compare

Keith Moon or John Bonham absolutely the top 2

John Entwistle

Jimmy Page

So... 60/40 Zep over the Who



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As you stated above Bluesy, it's all our opinion

Why do you have such impossible queries Carl?

Lead vocals: Jim Morrison, Robert Plant and Cherie Currie all have a shot...

Drummers: John Bonham, Neil Peart and Micheal Shrieve top 3...

Bass players: Geddy Lee, Mike Inez, Colin Greenwood, Jeff Ament, John McVie in top 5

Guitars: Joe Satrianni, Jeff Healey, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, Joe Walsh, and too many others...

This can go on forever but I notice that Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are often named at the top of their classes and they comprise 2/3 of Rush. :wink:

Just give Alex Lifeson his due and you've got your fantasy band. :rockon:

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I'm sticking with The Who, although I can certainly see the value in Led Zeppelin and Rush. What's interesting about Rush is that (as far as I know) we've never heard the individual members play outside of Rush.

Love that you got the Runaways lead singer in your vocalist list Ray.

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Liking this!!! :):):)

Yes, I can see The Who being the greatest aggregate band of all time, quite easily! But that would be based on the bassist and the drummer bringing up the average.

Pete is a great power-chord kinda guy but - excuse me if I'm wrong here, I'm not a musician myself - he doesn't seem to be the great technician in, say, a Steve Vai style.

Likewise, Rog always had a massive set of pipes on him but is/was he better than Percy, for example?

Now then - Moonie. Clearly one of the best rock drummers in history and Thee Ox on bass? Lead bass? Amazing!

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Here's the original Rush line-up with John Rutsey on drums and a young Alex Lifeson playing sans-pedals. He uses alot of techie-junk nowadays, but back when he was 18/19 yrs. old he could shred with the best of them with just an axe and an amp. Working Man 1974


You're right about the boys of Rush... they do stick together. Only Neil Peart can be found playing with other bands or completely solo.

Hockey Theme

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Rolling Stone had a great sidebar in their piece on Electronic Dance Music where they answered the question: "What exactly are they doing up there?"

The answer, in basic terms, is playing their songs. And since these songs are electronic, they can just play them from a computer or other device. The degree to which they mix live is up to them - they can play a track with all but a few elements in there and put those in live so they have something to do, or they can cobble together much more of a song on the fly.

Since we're dealing with ones and zeros, it doesn't have much effect on the sound. Triggering a computer file is very different from playing a guitar riff or singing a note.

This whole electronic lip-synching thing is apparently becoming an issue, especially now that Paris Hilton is a DJ.

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It was a little more than 11 years ago that the "Lady Marmalade" remake from Moulin Rouge hit #1. Here are the performs on that track:

Christina Aguilera

Missy Elliott


Lil' Kim


If I had to guess at the time which one has the hot album in 2012 and is still getting invites to the MTV Video Music Awards, Pink would have been low on my list. But it turns out she has a combination of talent, flexibility (literal and figurative) and authenticity that has kept her career moving forward.

I'm only two degrees of separation from Pink, and my friend who grew up with her tells me that Pink would always hold something back - like a golfer who swings at 90% power so the ball will land in the fairway.

Her new album has some deeply emotional songs, and also some with Swedish producers that are about starting the party. She's also raising her kid without a system of nannies. Keeping something in reserve is handy for when you need it.

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Starting to wonder if the image of Aretha Franklin as the ultimate diva are a bit contrived. Perhaps she plays up the role based on media expectations (we can thank VH1 for making "diva" something to be desired), but those who worked with her seem to say nice things about her.

Looking over our talk with the bass player David Hood, who played on a lot of her early stuff, he said:

"Aretha was always polite and cordial and very professional."

Nothing Diva about that.

Then there's her producer Narada Michael Walden, who explained how vulnerable she could be. Turns out she feels the same trepidation everyone else does at times.

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