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Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL

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I noticed the comments about meetings in the shout box. Every Wednesday we have a meeting at work called P & G or praises and gripes. Now the praises are great, you can say something good about anyone at work. The gripes, well...you can voice your gripe about anything, and we all do, but nothing seems to come of voicing them, which was the whole point of the meetings...to find solutions to the gripes. So basically you want to gripe about the gripes! :P

We have what are known as SWOT meetings. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Also known as gripe sessions that ignore the positive things that happen more often than the things that are griped about. }:(

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But really when I think pizza,I think of the real deal with a cold beer while watching a game on a bigscreen.With hot wings on the side.And some Mylanta.

When I think pizza I remember Buenos Aires because they make the best pizza all over the world. Not even Italian pizza is better than Buenos Aires´s pizza... which I haven´t eaten in the last 34 years, by the way... :P :P

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Could someome explain?

I understand Chic-in and chicken.

But shicken?

I'm out of the loop, obviously . . .

Hopefully, it sharted before its nemesis had time to appreciate its shickenly sexy ways and, promises of mutual understanding . . .

If there is such a thing, anymore . . .

Truly; I doubt there is . . .

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Today is Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day... :P

I'm a huge fan of sweet and sour pork w/ fried rice, fresh shrimp, scallops w/ won-ton soup and fresh spring roll

But the best is when they say,"You been here four hour!!!"

Then comes . . . fortune cookie. It's anyone's guess from there . . .

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