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  1. How about Journey,Foreigner and REO Speedwagon?? Kinda like a 70's-80's reunion tour.
  2. "Waylon and Willie" Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson...1978...Album that got me started listening to country music. "Scarecrow" John Cougar Mellencamp....1985..Because I was born and raised on a farm,this album put the struggle of the American farmer into music and words. "Back In Black" AC/DC 1980....I was a huge AC/DC fan,but with the death of Bon Scott,I thought it was over for them. This album proved me wrong. Plus it's just in your face rock and roll.
  3. Or,because I live in Kentucky,listen to country music and like Nascar,associate me with redneck's and hillbilly's.
  4. Making fun of Nazis has been going on for a long time. Mel Brooks included "Springtime For Hitler:A Gay Romp with Adolph and Eva at Berchtesgaden" in his movie "The Producers" in 1968. Brooks was Jewish and served in the Army during WW2 and saw for himself the evil of Nazism but yet he was able to make fun of the Nazis in this movie. I don't think anybody here intended on hurting anyone by using the word Nazi. Eepecially our German friends. If it did,then I apologize for my part in it all.
  5. Well be assured I don't shave my head or have a collection of swastika's.
  6. You want legs or wings? No.I want four fried chickens...and a coke. And some dry white toast.
  7. Yeah I hate Nazis. Epecially Illinois Nazis. (The term "Illinois Nazis" is from the movie "The Blues Brothers". One of the best movies of all time.)
  8. Need any shaving cream for that task???
  9. Oh goodie!! This thread is alive again!! And all of the artists mentioned by Jane deserve consideration.
  10. Well I do love german chocolate cake. But I hate the goosestep....
  11. So it's possible that some rap artists are using crack while writting their songs? Well,that explains a lot.
  12. I know that drug use played a big part in some of the best music ever made. And it wasn't just rock musicians. Hank Williams was a drug user. So was Johnny Cash and Elvis. Some were lucky enough to stop using before it killed them. Some wasn't. It's part of the music culture.
  13. Wow. I'm blown away that a few of these>> wasn't thrown your way from the women folk around here after those comments. But I guess they just didn't have the patience.
  14. My favorite show,"Deal or No deal", stayed on during the strike. Good thing the writers had already came up with "open the case" before the strike.
  15. Yes I am sure the pressure to do any and all drugs was tremendous during the 60's and 70's,especially if you were a "rocker". But at some point one has to look in the mirror and think "my God what have I done" and then begin to wonder if maybe it's time to "just say no". And in the case of Keith Richards,that point should have been reached years ago instead of now. I have great respect for Keith Richards as an artist but I have little respect for anybody,regardless of who they are,if they do drugs to the point where their brain is mush or they look like a walking corpse.
  16. Just interested in the "living/thinking/acting" of Americans you are referring to.
  17. Wow. Ole' Keith sure is making the rounds. First the "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign and now this. I will say however that if Keith Richards is in a modeling campaign,it gives hope to us all for maybe making the big time in the modeling world. Myself included.
  18. Yes I agree he always had great talent. I am a HUGE Stones fan and he was and is a big part of their success. But he will always be known for "what he took" as well as his talent. His "great strength" should have been used to "just say no" much earlier in his life.
  19. I think I have seen in 32 times. And I have never fallen out of a coconut tree. I have fallen out of an oak. A maple. A willow. Think that may be it.
  20. Well all I have to say is,look at the picture. But he did fall out of a tree didn't he?? Or was that Ozzie? And as far as your sig goes,I have heard it this way: I am a sheet slitter. I slit sheets.I'm the fastest sheet slitter that ever slit a sheet.
  21. Looks like a perfectly fit,non-drug user to me... (I am being very sarcastic. If the word "junkie" is in the dictionary then Keith Richards pic should be used to help explain the definition.If I met him in a dark alley I would swear I just saw a zombie.If I met him in a lighted alley I would swear I just saw a zombie. Looks like death warmed over.)
  22. Great list. Love 'em all. '87 was a great year. That's the year I got married and I think all those songs were played by the DJ at the reception.
  23. Great musician. I also remember him in the movie "Roadhouse". A movie so bad it was good.
  24. "Against The Wind"....Bob Seger "Running On Empty"....Jackson Browne "Life In The Fast Lane"....the Eagles
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