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He decided to go shopping for some rugs/runners to put in the kitchen....he buys this set at Walmart, which don't match the kitchen...but anyways...He's trying to get the wrinkles out the one rug...I told him they will come out eventually on their own....later on I thought I smelled something burning...well he was trying to iron the rug!!!!to get the wrinkled parts out...it wasn't quite on fire yet....luckily it didn't turn into a full blown fire.... :o

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I just submitted this for "Hey Jude"

PETER BROWN, Beatles associate: "To help publicize the release of 'Hey Jude,' Paul decided to put the closed boutique at Baker and Paddington streets to some good use. Late one night he snuck into the store and whitewashed the windows. Then he wrote HEY JUDE across it in block letters. The following morning, when the neighbourhood shopkeepers arrived to open their stores, they were incensed; never having heard of the song 'Hey Juden' before, they took it as an anti-Semitic slur. A brick was thrown through the store window before the words could be cleaned off and the misunderstanding straightened out." The Love You Make : An Insider's Story of the Beatles

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Oh, that's good. Who knew Paul had a delinquent side?

So today is April 1, which makes Google's vowel-free day completely appropriate. I do love a good April Fool's joke, but we don't have one for Songfacts this year. However, in the spirit of the day, let's dig into the archives and see what we posted on April 1, 2004:

Elton John to Become Fifth Spice Girl

"It's about your attitude, not your equipment."

That's how Melanie Brown, better known as "Scary Spice," explains the decision to re-form the Spice Girls with Elton John as the 5th member. In 1998, the group was reduced to a quartet when "Sexy Spice," Geri Halliwell, left for a solo career. While the remaining Spice Girls soldiered on, they were never able to achieve the massive success they had with 5 members. By 2001, it was clear Halliwell was not coming back and the Spice Girls stopped working together, although they never officially broke up. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Elton. "At this stage of my life, I feel I have nothing left to prove, and I can't think of anything more fun than becoming a Spice Girl, recording an album and going on tour. This is what I dreamed about when I was little."

"Baby Spice" Emma Bunton explains that even though Elton is their idol, he will not be considered the leader of the band. "When we started out, record people wanted us to pick a leader. That's not what we're about."

Elton will be known as "Sassy Spice." His costume will be based on the title character of his song "Bennie And The Jets." In the song, Bennie wears "Electric Boots, a Mohair Suit." Says Elton, "I've always wanted to be like Bennie - weird and wonderful. This is my chance."

"He has more Girl Power than anyone I know," says Bunton. "And wait 'til you see him dance." The timing couldn't be better for the Spice Girls, who have seen their solo albums slide on the charts each successive year. With Elton an official member, they will appeal to a very broad audience, including people who fall for April Fool's jokes.

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So last night I'm watching one of those 20/20 shows "To Catch A Predator." One of the guys had the most creative excuse for bringing condoms ever. He said, "I didn't bring them just for tonight. I always keep them in the glove compartment, because if I get in a wreck they'll deploy like an air bag." (no, he was not laughing when he said it)

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