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Corrupt a Wish


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Oh, stop that, Shawna. You ARE mildly intelligent.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

When I read this I laughed way too hard! Sammy needs his own stand-up act... :laughing:

A billion dollars? Granted.

With the rate of inflation you can now afford to get 2 super-size Big Mac meals.

I wish I had a wife and kids.

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Congratulations, ex-GRU assassin "Alexander Zalachenko," you have twin daughters by Agneta Sofia Salander, whom you regularly have sex with and nearly beat to death. Oops, Agneta didn't take that last beating too well, and here comes fesity daughter Lisbeth, to serve you a lit Molotov cocktail!

I wish I had a million dollars!

(George Bailey of "It's A Wonderful Life.")

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Season games are now being evenly divided between the remaining continents and you are given lifetime 50-yard line passes to all away games provided you provide your own transportation.

I wish that someone would find a cure for the common cold.

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