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Corrupt a Wish

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Granted... To make things good for you, Carl goes back to using the old message board and server that he used when he first started Songfacts. This cause everyone else on Songfacts to have problems, because we all have good browsers which aren't compatible with the old Songfacts system. This causes so much frustration for everyone wanting to play games, that they all stop playing, leaving Rayzor to play Songfacts games all by himself.


I wish I had a shorter answer for that last wish, my fingers are tired.

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No problem, you can lift yourself anywhere you like. It's "getting down" that's going to be hard, ever since The Aliens "fixed" you in Beacon, New York.:)

I wish more old(er) Songfacts "fishes" would visit more often.

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Watch out for the talking Deer with the antlers!
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