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Corrupt a Wish


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Greetings Songfactors!

Remember the story The Monkey's Paw or similar stories like The Wishmaster, where every wish that was granted had a horrible result? Well, welcome to Corrupt a Wish!

This little game has potential for many laughs. Let's give it a try but be careful what you wish for! Muhahahaha ;)

Here's how:

The first person makes a wish:

"I wish I knew what my dog was saying."

The second person will corrupt the wish like this:

"Granted! Your dog thinks you're a jerk!"

Another example:

First person says, "I wish I had X-Ray vision."

Second person says, "Granted! You can now see through Granny's underwear!"

The one who grants a wish then gives a wish of their own and play continues to the next corrupting poster or in this case, the next wishmaster.

Guess I'll start:

I wish for world peace...

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Granted . You are spinning the 'hits ' in Pyongyang ! ( and ANOTHER request going out dedicated to our Dear Leader )... (Sammy 's )

Granted ... Lassie , ol' girl ! ( Joe's )

I wish I had a bottle of scotch right now ...

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I wish I looked twenty again.

Granted. Happy 20th birthday, John. Or do you prefer, Mr. Merrick?

And Kevin, you owe me one. You can't begin to imagine how long it took me to grind up all those Scotsmen and put them in a bottle. Next time, can't you wish for liquor or something?

I want to have a threesome with Carmen Electra and anybody else who cares to join in.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester:

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