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Corrupt a Wish

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Grated. You now have so much money that all you friends and family want to burrow money off you so you hid it in a bank and it gets robbed

What do you think I need money for, kid? :shades: To give it to my friends and family... They don´t borrow, I have so much I give them almost all I have. That makes me happy. Nothing is bette than see the ones you love have all they need.

I never save money in a bank. I hate banks.

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You´re asleep now. This is a dream. Joe, Laurie, Levis, RonJon, Ron, Sammy, Fin, Martin, Earth-Angel, Lucky, Bluesboy, Sweet jane, edna, c-girl, Rayzor and Darryl have been banned forever from Songfacts. Oh, and Carl too.

I wish I could dance onstage in front of an audience.

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